Our Boys (2019): Official Trailer | HBO

Filmed in Israel, Our Boys is based on the true events which led to the outbreak of war in Gaza. The series follows the investigation of Muhammad Abu Khdeir’s murder, and tells the story of all those involved, Jews and Arabs alike, whose lives were forever changed by these events. Our Boys premieres August 12 at 9 PM on HBO. #HBO #OurBoysHBO
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Our Boys (2019): Official Trailer | HBO

30 replies
  1. Shmul .A
    Shmul .A says:

    אנשים בכלל צפו לפני שהחליטו שזאת סדרה שמאלנית? אני חושב שדווקא מאוד הראו את האנושיות של הרוצחים. את זה שהם לא בריאים בנפשם במאה אחוז ושהם נקמו על רצח הנערים ולא עשו את זה סתם בשביל הכיף. אז נכון, התוכנית מתמקדת בחקירה של רצח אבו חדיר ולא מספרת מספיק את סיפור הנערים אבל בסך הכל עשו את זה בצורה אובייקטיבית ולראיה אנשים מחול אומרים שהסדרה הזאת היא פרופגנדה ציונית.

  2. Rant Therapist
    Rant Therapist says:

    Netenyahu is nothing but a meme now, and his wife is a bread littering dumb hoe. Why would you come to a host country and disrespect them like that? What do you gain by it besides hate and general dislike?

    Why is your wife such an imbecile? Dude can't even keep his own wife in line. Pathetic.
    Remember, you can't disrespect a whole country like that and then pretend it didn't happen. Knucklehead.

  3. חיה לוי
    חיה לוי says:

    Naftali, Eyal and Gilad-
    even if the The creators forgot about you
    , the people of Israel will not forget.
    I'm not going to condemn the death we caused, because I don't want to give it a stage. The case is one-off ,which may be why they did a series about it, but Palestinian terror is daily and endless.we know how many girls and boys and kids are murded on and on , like it's normal. you don't see the worls saying anything but one death that we caused? A SERIES. Global attention . when they kill Israelis, the Arab mothers sing and call their sons shaheeds in honor and give everyone in the village candies. Does this series do justice to the Israelis by forcing them to defend and justify and explain and beg for the understanding of the world? No, and i'm done with the explanations. עם ישראל חי

    נ.ב-יהודים, תהיו גאים ואל תרדו לרמה של מגיבים רדודים. ככל שתתגוננו יותר , השיח יהפוך לחקירה "מוצדקת" יותר
    בעיניהם. אנחנו חיים פה וצריכים להמשיך להתגונן ולגונן על עצמנו. שימו פס על מה שזרים חושבים.

  4. שירה אבן עזרא
    שירה אבן עזרא says:

    לא הבנתי כמה מטומטמים אנחנו נראים לכם, כאשר אתם מקדישים ומקדשים את מותו של הבחור הזה.. ובמסווה אתם קוראים לסדרה "הנערים".
    אם זה "הנערים", למה לא מראים את הרצח שלהם?
    למה לא מראים את הלוויות? את הסבל שעבר על המשפחות השכולות ולהבדיל על העם?
    למה לא מראים איפה הם נקברו להבדיל היו חיות או אשפה חלילה??
    על מי אתם עובדים יא חצופים?? ואת הגועל הזה אתם מקרינים ומקדמים בעולם????
    משמיעים את השיחה הריקה מתוכן מול השוטרים ההמומים (נקרא לזה) ולא מסבירים את זה בפרק.
    והחל מהפרק שני, רק המוות של הבחור הזה אבו חדייר נראה לי.
    טרור הסכינים והסבל שעבר על עם ישראל בטל בשישים אצלכם.
    אחרי זה למה אנחנו העם (ולא קשור לביבי) חושבים ויודעים שאתם עוכרי ישראל.

  5. Atara Me
    Atara Me says:

    As an Israeli jewish I remember these horrible days when the whole country stood in silence and waited with prayers for Naftali Gilad and Eyal to come home.

    HBO did not make a great job showing the Israeli side as some sort of revenge story.

    Very disappointed.

  6. sajjad ali shah sakib khan
    sajjad ali shah sakib khan says:

    i'm just wondering, threre are so many tvs & movies on Israeli victims and spy heroes. But there is none on muslim victim,especially on child killing in Palestine and syria. so 1.3 billion people apart from pity. Hey just saying!!

  7. Squiggles
    Squiggles says:

    Israel has the largest concentration camp in the world, Gaza. This can no longer continue, I support Bernie Sanders, because he is the only candidate that will finally not interfere with Israel facing their reckoning. Even stated he would facilitate change by removing their aid if they don't. The US is what allows Israel to continue their crimes, and it has to stop.

  8. Peter Bierwirth
    Peter Bierwirth says:

    Well, if in youth and beauty wisdom is but rare, then it's also true that against stupidity the very gods content in vain. And if the 'gods' don't find a 'solution' against stupidity, we really can't expect that humans will find it.

  9. Marin Kozina
    Marin Kozina says:

    Is there any hope that people of israel and palestine will ever find peace one with another? P.s. My country suffered through war in 90's and I know how war can impact people lifes. Please share with me your answers…..

  10. Z D
    Z D says:

    I just finished the series and as an outsider to the conflict I was absolutely blown away by the courage it took to present this tragedy and how it destroyed so much around itself. So, so, so impressive.

  11. extane gautham
    extane gautham says:

    When the world is. being destroyed by Fire, and not by Ice, as the poet Frost wondered, that MEN, mostly men, are killing and killing and killing, our of blind adherence to primitive Bronze age religion from Buddhism in Sri Lanka and Burma, to Islam, all over the arab world and Iran, to Jewish in Israel, and then on top of that tribalism and the blind mythologies of "nationalism" Nations dont exist in nature. Its a European fiction invented out of whole cloth in the 19th century….cant we just all get along and share…..no of course not….but could we at least try, even though Man is a wild beast?

  12. Doin
    Doin says:

    I just finished watching this series. Thought it was brilliantly done. I remember when this happened but didn't know the full details. Extremely sad.

  13. Mikhail Abu Nidal
    Mikhail Abu Nidal says:

    فيه كتير توتر بما انو هالنزاع هو لا نهائي
    יש הרבה מתח מכיוון שהסכסוך זה אין סופי
    There's alot of tention since this conflict is never-ending


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