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Outer Range premieres April 15, only on Prime Video.

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About Outer Range:
Outer Range centers on Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin), a rancher fighting for his land and family, who discovers an unfathomable mystery at the edge of Wyoming’s wilderness. A thrilling fable with hints of wry humor and supernatural mystery, Outer Range examines how we grapple with the unknown. At the onset of the series, the Abbotts are coping with the disappearance of daughter-in-law Rebecca. They are pushed further to the brink when the Tillersons (the gaudy owners of the neighboring profit-driven ranch) make a play for their land. An untimely death in the community sets off a chain of tension-filled events, and seemingly small-town, soil-bound troubles come to a head with the arrival of a mysterious black void in the Abbotts’ west pasture. Wild revelations unfold as Royal fights to protect his family; through his eyes, we begin to see how time contains secrets held in the past and unsettling mysteries foreshadowed.

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Outer Range – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Prime Video

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47 replies
    SAND MAN says:

    I got though two episodes of this series and I put it down, then forced myself to watch two more episodes and I just can't anymore. Any time you have a production that constantly forces 30 seconds of artsy-fartsy "quirkiness" constantly thrown in between serious scenes, you know you are watching a flop. This series fails in so many ways, I don't know where to start. The show does not know what it wants to be, some cross between Yellowstone and Breaking Bad but then you keep hearing cowboys singing 80's pop songs. You have this young girl who they are REALLY, REAAAALLLY trying to force the audience to believe is interesting when she is just too young to be. That female character's role is plastic and defies believability. All that is left is for Josh Brolin to say, "Wow girl, you are REALLY REALLY interesting!" as he winks at the camera lens.
    And lastly, a HOLE. I have sat through 4 episodes now about a hole. This hole in the field. Again, the story writer is screaming, "THIS IS INTERESTING!!!" and hoping you will buy it and sit for another 30 minutes of half-believable acting.
    And whats the secondary cause of conflict? The rich land-owner neighbor wants Josh Brolin's land. How ORIGINAL! Seriously?

  2. P T
    P T says:

    Im sadden to learn how animals suffered when used for the show. The notorious animal trainers had dozens of dogs being kept in small kennels stacked on top of one another in a garage, animals crammed into closets, and, before her apparent death, an alligator being held in a small, filthy outdoor pit.

    I thought that Brad Pitt’s production company wouldn’t provides seedy suppliers with a lifeline

  3. Joni Lackey
    Joni Lackey says:

    Listen up Amazon: If you don't renew this series for a BUNCH more seasons I cannot even begin to convey how destroyed people are going to be. EVERYONE I know is completely committed to this series more than any show in recent memory, if not ever. Don't fail us, PLEASE.

  4. PRASHANT Rudra
    PRASHANT Rudra says:

    Worst plotting….I mean Royal is comfortable with the thing that some stranger knows about his land and mysteries but he is not sharing with family.. Even when Tilersons knew the mystry , still Royal is not telling his family..


  5. Case Roberts
    Case Roberts says:

    All the dumb. Is there a plot I couldn't find one. Still trying to figure what in the hell I just watched.
    Prime video you will be demonetized at my earliest convenience.

  6. Autumn Keller
    Autumn Keller says:

    Outer range is my #1 favorite amazon original. 2nd favorite Amazon original was "The Man in the High Castle". My 3rd was "Hand of God".

    All 3 were better than Netflix's Stranger things which was my favorite netflix series. Black box was good as well but I no longer have netflix.

  7. Josh noon
    Josh noon says:

    Imogen Pootes is so irritating to watch as Autumn, good grief. It's apparently very difficult to cast a "tough talking firebrand" female lead, because I rarely see a convincing portrayal. (Yellowstone included)

  8. Politic 1
    Politic 1 says:

    I really enjoyed the show when it came out and watched all the episodes, but when you had the dude singing in the post office or wherever it was, it completely turned me off. Plus you put out these storylines and don't explain them in 8 episodes. What's that about, you made it way to weird for me to even care if there is a season 2.

  9. Robert Trout
    Robert Trout says:

    I love how things are happening to Josh Brolin's character so in some sense he is confused about what is going on as much as everyone else but at the same time he knows about the hole but he also knows something is coming can feel it but never comes out and says it.You just see glimpses of darkness/understanding come across his face then it's gone. I think a lot of hate for the show is people want a simple plot and this is not going to give that to you.

  10. Helmut Schmitt
    Helmut Schmitt says:

    I'm fan's of JB and IP. I was in for a few episodes then it turned into Lost or something. They've done a lot better with less. Its like Twilight Zone for morons or something.

  11. The Notorious. K.I.D
    The Notorious. K.I.D says:

    This show is utter garbage!! And when I say utter garbage, I mean this show is pure shit!! A waste of my time that I will never get back!! I can’t believe I watched this shit all the way to the end hoping there was going to be some sort of profound reveal making the show worth my while.. I am so angry at this bullshit show I could cancel my amazon prime video account!!!

  12. Ren Truong
    Ren Truong says:

    My guess (almost done watching), this show can give another season or two. It’s solid and the acting is superb. Storyline is something you have to keep up with when watching.

  13. Bbking
    Bbking says:

    Watched all season 1. I feel like this is like when you're really hungry cooking dinner and put everything into the sauce that you like , even though it doesn't belong at all. A little chocolate, a little pesto, a little balsamic, a chicken wing ,some mini burger patties and an apple dumpling


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