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Caitriona Balfe (Claire), Sam Heughan (Jamie), Sophie Skelton (Brianna), Richard Rankin (Richard), Maril Davis (Executive Producer), Toni Graphia (Executive Producer/Writer), and Jon Gary Steele (Production Designer) sit down to talk all things Outlander Season 4 for #STARZFYC.

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28 replies
  1. Too Bad
    Too Bad says:

    I genuinely think sam and cait simply don't show their friendship in interviews anymore because of all the rumors and speculation it brings with it, because to this day they still say they're great friends and have been since the very beginning but they just don't show that in interviews anymore but are still great friends behind the scenes, they had no problem being close back in the day in interviews because they didn't know better and didn't know how crazy fans get, now that they know they're careful (everyone says it's because she's married now but she has been with her now husband since 2015 I'm pretty sure so that wouldn't make sense)

  2. hethsie stovie
    hethsie stovie says:

    I started watching Outlander when I was overseas and homesick for Scotland & the UK 3 years ago. Became completely hooked and loved the historical markers, references to paganism and old medicine the within the show. It has rekindled my interest in Scottish & British history. Acting is amazing…great choice of actors! Love the chemistry between Jamie and Clare ( Sam & Catriona). Favourite seasons: 1 of course and also 2nd, the french season….was also very moving when Claire returned to Jamie in Edinburgh and also when Jamie & Brianna first meet! Fantastic!! Don't miss it..check it out!!

  3. joyce froney
    joyce froney says:

    Hardworking, talented cast. Beautifully created, accurate interior design. All the accoutrements, and costumes
    are on target as well. The icing on the cake is the back ground music. What talented people!
    “Outlander” will forever become part of Scotland’s history. Many thanks.

  4. k s
    k s says:

    I hope we can see other characters on these panels like jenny, young fergus, angus, marsali, murtagh, dougal and the girl from 1968. I love them too

  5. Dragon Dane
    Dragon Dane says:

    Briannas character drives me more an more nuts! I love Outlander, the book and the film adaptation. I am on my third watch of the show, and now I simply scroll over episodes, where she appears. Please crew! Find a way to write her out! We have a fanclub here in DK – all of the members feel that way. She is miscasted, and we guess it is impossible to change that. Maybe you could make a detour from the books? In Denmark, we cross out fingers for that to happen!

  6. Reba Hunter
    Reba Hunter says:

    My all time favorite show! Thanks to all involved in making it possible for bringing it to life for us obsessed fans. Everyone is amazing and please keep up the good work! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Emily Juarez
    Emily Juarez says:

    love outlander but i will never forgive them for not gicing briana a boston accent and more of a firey temperment. she acts very subdued compared to actual Scot decendents in boston!

  8. Marlene Bos
    Marlene Bos says:

    In the UK, in 2021, seasons 1 through 5 are available on Amazon Prime! Binge and re-binge 🙂
    At the moment (spring 2021) they're filming season 6 in Scotland. So looking forward to seeing that season aired (summer/autumn 2022?). Starz regularly posts info, short clips of B-roll and of conversation with the cast to tease us and give fans who hunger for more, what they long for. Thank you Starz

  9. Barbara Eiler
    Barbara Eiler says:

    Compared to other interviews and panels Caitríona is hardly talking here or answering questions.
    But wow just flying over there for one panel and then back… I'd be dead.

  10. The Vicarage
    The Vicarage says:

    There was a definite chill in the air from Cait towards Sam. And he knew it. But all friends have rough spots from time to time. They also have to go to great lengths to demonstrate that they are not together, now that she is committed to someone else. The old flirty ways are no longer appropriate. Things change. But Jamie and Claire are still Jamie and Claire.

  11. sandy miller
    sandy miller says:

    We change all the time based on our experiences and whether we’re open to learning. Maybe we except things because that’s the way they were done and maybe seeing a wrong can become normalized.


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