Outlander | Brianna & Roger’s Wedding BTS | Season 5

Take a look inside Brianna and Roger’s wedding with the cast and crew. Watch new episodes of Outlander Sundays only on STARZ.

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20 replies
  1. Terri Buckner
    Terri Buckner says:

    Love you all, best series ever!!!
    How does the absence of Bre and Roger affect their true present in the future. Will the history they are all making now change anything? Mind bender.. perhaps I'm thinking too hard. Love watching Jamie and Claire, Roger and Breanna and all the cast!!

  2. andreadimayuga
    andreadimayuga says:

    love seeing the whole cast together! this wedding scene was so beautifully shot and acted. Made me cry even. also loved seeing the little flashback to Jamie and Claire's wedding, that's when i lost it lol

  3. nessy ness
    nessy ness says:

    so no one is going to mention that marsali and fergus's son looks like 5 years old and he was still a baby who could not even walk when the prision thing and brianna was very pregnant there already, brianna's baby can't be older than 5 months or so, less tha 1 year for sure so marsali's kid should not be older than 2 years old and that is already too much, but somehow he looks 5?!

  4. MrsW Jr
    MrsW Jr says:

    I don’t watch this show, I have only read the novels so I saw this video come up and thought it would be fun to see the characters come to life and how it was done and it is 100% nothing like it is in the book.

    I am not sure I want to watch the series now because the books are too good. Anyone have an opinion that has read the books…does the show stray a lot?
    Does anyone know why they rewrote the wedding scene?

  5. Pinoy Tunes
    Pinoy Tunes says:

    I like this episode. it's so fun to have weddings like this where everyone just have fun the whole day. Aside from the vows, no stiff rituals or ceremony, everyone just dance and drink till they pass out. LOL. Plus nobody gets to leave right away, they just bring their own tents LOL.

  6. thefamilyname1
    thefamilyname1 says:

    I hated that they had spanish moss in the trees… I thought they were supposed to be in the Appalachian mountains not in Savannah, GA… have the set designers ever been to Appalachia. LMAOOOOOOOO! I just couldn't stop looking at it


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