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Claire’s visions of Lionel are explained by no other than Caitríona Balfe & Ned Dennehy. Catch up on Season 6 anytime on the STARZ app.

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15 replies
  1. Wander85
    Wander85 says:

    This was very real and very scary. I’ve experienced this before except it wasn’t one person it manifested as. It was just darkness.

    The result of self medicating is that it will inevitably turn against you. Claire has run as far as she could from one issue before being hurdled into another. I’m really looking forward to the finale.

  2. Lynda Grace
    Lynda Grace says:

    Such a powerful device. Especially the "shush" and the finger over his lips. Don't tell. Of course, the key to wellness is to tell. (That said, it needs to be the right person, someone who knows how to diffuse the noise in your head.)

  3. Pamela Meadows
    Pamela Meadows says:

    I am so disappointed in season 6 especially when they showed the twins. At times it looks like a low-budget TV show. The twins stand so far apart from each other when they're showing together and even when they're supposedly looking at each other it looks like they're looking over each others shoulders not at their face. And they stumped Lizzie and the twins into a few minutes that you better not blink are you would miss it altogether. Although they still have the nice sets a lot of stuff looks like it was quickly shown and moved on. Like they were thinking oh we need to hurry up and show Lizzie's pregnant and it could be from either twin so let's hurry up and show them being handfasted and move on to the next scene. I'm even more baffled by how Lord Jon was fitted in. And I can't think of more appropriate words then saying fitted in. Almost to show that yes he's Alive and Kicking. Or did they quickly insert him in there to explain how Jamie would know the authorities were coming? But seriously the worst was the twins even when they were shown walking away they were so far apart from each other it was almost uncomfortable. I have absolutely love this show and couldn't wait for the next season. But it's been one disappointment after another. It looks like they're trying to fit in two or three books in about seven hours worth of filming.

  4. Pamela Meadows
    Pamela Meadows says:

    Last season was fantastic except for them showing flashbacks of the Frasier's living in the 1960s or 70s. I watch The Producers editors talking about that scene and how proud they were of it they even talked about the symbolism of showing her escaping to that time. I think I could have thought of something better for her to escape too. I mean almost every scene in past Seasons could have been used for her to escape too.

  5. Bob Monson
    Bob Monson says:

    There would be no Outlander without Jamie. Saying that, Claire’s character is what draws me to this production: not only because she represents what women aspire to, but because of her incredible connection to Jamie. Im happy for the actors that get to stretch their rolls, but I am not happy about the ether, or Lizzy’s situation.

  6. Chloe Wolf
    Chloe Wolf says:

    He’s one scarey man. Imagine having hallucinations and hearing your worst nightmare. Bugger that. Poor Claire. The dear woman is having a rough time to say the least .


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