Outlander | Ep. 3 Preview | Season 6

Roger comes to Henri-Christian’s aid after he’s bullied by a few Fisherfolk lads who believe the baby is a demon. Fergus is distraught over the child’s treatment and worries about his future. Meanwhile, a friendship blooms between Young Ian and Malva. Watch new episodes of Outlander Sundays only on STARZ.

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13 replies
  1. Mashaapje
    Mashaapje says:

    I just don't get why they always let people who disrespect them stay on their land. You want to settle here, fine, but be respectful of your landlord and if not, gtfo. They let the Christies run over them and later in the books Cunningham and his followers. I just don't get it. They are literally just letting trouble fester. Honor and chivalry shouldn't be a priority if it puts your family at risk.

  2. Nneka Agbakwuru
    Nneka Agbakwuru says:

    This season so far has not stressed me out. I always scream “please give them a break”, now I feel that they have a break. At least a break for now lol this show is very intense I’m so glad I chose to watch! It’s my favorite

  3. AF1998
    AF1998 says:

    Wanna see Jamie and Claire back in Scotland. O how joyful it was too see Jamie in Scotland in episode 1 of this season.
    Jamie looks stupid with that wig on. Enough is enough


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