Outlander | Ep. 7 Preview | Season 6

Claire struggles with her demons as a nefarious rumor begins to spread on the Ridge. Tensions rise as the residents fear there is a dangerous person in their midst. Watch new episodes of Outlander Sundays only on STARZ.

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18 replies
  1. Shangly Shangly
    Shangly Shangly says:

    Dude. Alexander Vlahos is amazing. So believable in every role he's played. I hope he does another role soon like Phillip, because I need to get this creeper vibe out of the way…

  2. Fernando Villegas
    Fernando Villegas says:

    Sorry to say this but this 6ª season tends to be boring, too much dialogues, sentimentalism and Claire all the time with that face of affliction. No action, too mucbn talk… Who wrote these episodes? Sor Theresa?

  3. Christine Spring
    Christine Spring says:


    Malva is just such a tragic character. She truly loved Claire. Claire was the closest thing to a mother malva ever had. The things she did were horrible, but she wasn't much more than a lost, abused child and she deserved so much more. Claire had suspicions that something was going on with Malva and it will haunt her that she didn't do more to help her. Its absolutely heartbreaking.

  4. Vivian Freire
    Vivian Freire says:

    Jesus h Roosevelt Christ STARZ!
    There are homebound and tethered caretakers with no life, and others, that wait on pins and needles for a week, who, are on top of it all, are addicted to binge watching, who get treated at night to a no show.
    Who’s fancy idea was this and was it money driven? It being Easter is not an excuse, because you don’t even need a dvr anymore to watch it when you get home.
    So there wouldn’t be enough people you felt to bring up the ratings score or what? So it was money driven?
    It just angers people, because on top of it, STARZ you’re really not offering anything great on the channel.
    Somewhere I thought I heard you promise more than just an hour show since there would be only eight episodes and that was a fail. Gabaldon must be incensed that this could leave a sour taste in the fans which could affect book sales. JHRC!
    This season stinks, events happening that are way off based, something is just off. Like before, Jamie would never have worn a redcoat, and I haven’t even read the books yet. And bringing Lionel home to his brown brother? Never! Highlanders or current street gangs would never do that! They’re just not that dumb. Rant over

  5. shachar wild
    shachar wild says:

    Except for the recent episode, this season felt off…… I loved when we saw more time travel stuff in the earlier seasons. It felt more unique and interesting. Now it's just repetitive. For example, Clair is sick and is going to die. It happened several times in the past few seasons and we KNOW she won't die, like in all previous times, so… whats interesting about that?

  6. Steffi Haas
    Steffi Haas says:

    Second try because my comment was deleted: So, Lizzie wants to be in a throuple, someone is a vegetarian in the 18th century, and the soul of twins is in the wrong body or in two bodies in this case. Who is the delusional writer who is responsible for this utter nonsense?

    This was not an Outlander episode, but a diary entry of an immature, untalented adult religiously fixating on an ideology and pushing it onto the audience of a TV show, where this kind of content could not be more of a disturbance. She literally has Claire say "What if there are no magic words to make this right?". Do you mean there are no pronouns to fix the fact that Lizzie slept with twins and now is pregnant? Or to fix Claire's trauma of sexual assault? I'm shocked! I was waiting for the Frasers to install a statue or a memorial stone of the horrible Christie girl. And then the abhorrent writing about Claire's "darkness", because she thought about that girl's death. Who wouldn't after she tried to destroy their very existence? Bree asking Lizzie "Are you happy?" when they barge into her house in the middle of the night. Every point of logic and intelligence is turned on its head.

    What would be interesting to watch: Where are Fergus/Marsali and why are they just gone?, Roger finding his religious calling (I can see him becoming a fundamentalist), Bree and Claire bonding, Bree and Jamie bonding, Claire dealing with her trauma and Jamie protecting her. Notice how he is never around anymore, even though she is constantly in danger? Even the Christie family was fun to watch due to fabulous casting. So much potential and great and hard-working staff and actors, so little outcome right now.


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