Outlander | Inside Episode 1 | Season 6

The cast of Outlander gives us an inside look at the first episode of the season, “Echoes.” Catch up on Outlander anytime on the STARZ App.

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33 replies
  1. Flapkatt
    Flapkatt says:

    I'm a bit ticked off at Starz, for not releasing all the episodes! I understand the business end of it, more subscribers who will keep their accounts open to watch but from the customer base, this is really a bit much! I want to be able to binge or not as I please. From the first episode of season 6, this was a good bridge from the climax of season 5 but I could have easily watched a few to get back into the swing and mood. It seems to leave too many story points open to questions and/or interpretations. Oh well, they have me now for the next few months or so.

  2. Tahora
    Tahora says:

    J'ai adoré bien sûr. On a tant attendu de tous les revoir. Cette saison les très talentueux Mark Lewis et Alexander Vlahos ont rejoint le casting. Bien des ennuis en perspective pour nos chers héros ajoutés à l'inquiétant Richard Brown. Cet épisode pourtant plus long est passé à la vitesse grand V. Dommage de devoir attendre 8 jours pour voir la suite. Ça sabote cette magnifique série qui vraiment ne ressemble à aucune autre. Quant à notre couple emblématique que dire sinon qu'ils sont merveilleux comme toujours. 8 ans après toujours cette alchimie incroyable dans leurs gestes et leurs regards. ❤❤❤❤❤

  3. AP Wong
    AP Wong says:

    I need to watch this episode twice before I understand everything and capture all the eye contacts and attentions. The Cristies are so complicated and interesting. Looking forward on the future episodes. P.s. I think the characters plays The Browns are doing great too. They are all so complicated and interesting.

  4. Suri A.
    Suri A. says:

    Jamie's hair annoyed me!!
    At least make it look like it was a "flashback" from the ACTUAL TIME.
    HAIR DIDN'T MATCH WHEN IT"ACTUALLY HAPPENED" was really annoying more than anything

  5. Lynda Grace
    Lynda Grace says:

    I wouldn't call an indignant self-righteous stance the "moral high ground." However, that's what a self-righteous narcissist like Tom Christie might consider it. Not sure the actor should.


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