Outlander | Inside Episode 2 | Season 6

The Ridge thrives on innovation. Watch the Outlander cast and creative team as they give us insight on ‘Allegiance,’ Episode 602. Catch up on Outlander on the STARZ App.

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22 replies
  1. Georgia Papadopoulou
    Georgia Papadopoulou says:

    Knowing what happens in the book with the Cristie's i'm kinda dreading this season. Also when Malva's father mentions that she has a dark soul like her mother…. as a reader i know why he says that but for someone who only watches the show they will think that he is just a jerk.

  2. Amrita Whitman
    Amrita Whitman says:

    Sophie just reminded me of something she's too young to be aware of. I'm old enough to remember attending a rock concert in NYC in the early 80s during which the MC introduced the audience to CDs and the majority of the audience BOOED loudly! I liked the idea of the convenience and portability CDs would offer and I didn't understand why people rejected CDs, but many people complained then (and now) about the quality of the sound. I later came to regret giving away all my vinyl records!

  3. Cora de Jong
    Cora de Jong says:

    With apologies outlander, it now gets on my nerves. Happy watching season 6 every one but no more watching for me i have other interests at present. I have however enjoyed season 1, 2, 3 and part of 5 and have seen enough sex, rape, killing, fighting, human trafficking and murder. Not subjects I enjoy

  4. Rowana Forrest
    Rowana Forrest says:

    I know it's dangerous to use anesthetic on oneself with no one there in case it's too much, but I didn't know that ether can actually cause nightmares. No wonder she's beginning to even have waking nightmares. Someone had better figure out what she's doing, and quick!

  5. Google User
    Google User says:

    I just watched Darby O’Gill and the little people. Post watching the Outlander series. Yes this is set in Ireland and yes I’ve seen it before. But after seeing the outlander and Scotland and the changelings and Gaelic and all. Get film mentions. Well one of Sean Connery’s firsts. And what a film for St Patrick’s day. Recommend. Happy St Patrick’s Day.

  6. Mr Ben
    Mr Ben says:

    The WORST thing this show GOT SO WRONG is that it is Impossible for TWO blued eyed people to HAVE A BROWN EYED CHILD ! So this tells us that Brianna is NOT Jamie's daughter .. Only a FOOL would not know this about EYE COLOUR !!! .


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