Outlander | Inside Episode 6 | Season 6

There’s a lot to unpack from this week’s episode, so let’s hear from the cast and crew. Catch up on Outlander on the STARZ App.

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15 replies
  1. Carolyn Rabbani
    Carolyn Rabbani says:

    One of my favrite things about Outlander, the books and the show, is how amazingly strong the female characters are. In spite of having to subjugate so much of who they are because of the times, they are in the end, as strong as the men. The men as well, are so noble, but in such different ways. Roger, and Ian, and Lord John and Fergus are every bit as brave and as noble as Jamie, just in less obvious ways.

  2. Tanja Wilson
    Tanja Wilson says:

    This a poignant episode that shows the trust between these two. Having been raped himself as well as his female family members, he could never do that! Followed the book so closely and in only one episode-genius! The snake in the house had its head chopped! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  3. Ally Lambert
    Ally Lambert says:

    The show makers definitely want to stir us up as the audience. And they’re succeeding amazingly. I’m surprised they didn’t mention the slap or that Jamie in Gaelic called Malva a “bitch whore”, definitely a great part of the episode. Also when Jamie knocks Allan off his feet with one punch.

  4. EpoRose1
    EpoRose1 says:

    Eh.. the hair cutting wasn’t just a shallow thing. Hair was quite symbolic. Through all cultures. Cutting one’s hair was usually an action to shame someone. Just one example would be a samurai and his top knot. Cutting it was very shameful.

  5. Iris Gomez
    Iris Gomez says:

    Wow kudos to Cait for disrespecting the character of Jamie, the writers, and fans for being shallow. Her rude comment is not sarcasm, joke or ribbing. She is increxibly rude.. Sam will never say anything that disrespectful about Cait or Claire. Her jokes are mean spirited and just because she gave a smug laugh doesnt make it acceptable. Shame on you Starz… and Cait… do better and leatn better manners. Im very disappointed that such an interview is allowed…not funny or cool. I know what a joke or sarcastic remark is.. this isnt… learn some manners…

  6. aliessesque
    aliessesque says:

    Shaking my head at the comments of people overreacting to Caitriona’s obvious JOKE about Jamie being shallow. I swear the woman can’t say anything without this fandom jumping down her throat! We get it, you’re obsessed with a fictional character named James Fraser, and are overly defensive/protective because of it. You all look foolish getting upset over something so trivial…


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