Outlander | Inside Episode 7 | Season 6

Peel back the layers of this week’s episode with insights from the cast and creative team. Catch up on Season 6 before the final episode this Sunday on STARZ.

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31 replies
  1. Afia Griffith
    Afia Griffith says:

    Mrs. and Mr. Bug should've been kicked out their home a while ago. That lady openly was fishing for confirmation of Claire despising and harming Malva. Someone like that is likely not defending them on the Ridge and sharing anything she deems inappropriate and weird to everyone listening. I hope Fergus and Ian or their Native friends come to their rescue somehow, they can't burn down their house as the finale to this season with Bri and Roger away.

  2. The TrevRun
    The TrevRun says:

    Starz needs to go ahead and lock in season 8 now without a doubt. Its a must and it cant just end with season 7. Wouldnt be a complete series and surely would suck for the future dvd sales. Gotta have at least 8 but preferably 10 full seasons. I can see it now, you open the DVD collection and it contains two sides with 5 DVD'S per side. Its a no brainer lol.

  3. Amy Moquin
    Amy Moquin says:

    I don't know why but this season, especially this episode just annoyed me. I'll totally admit I have been dealing with a lot of crap lately so maybe it's just me and I'll revisit the season later. Of course, excellent acting. But Lizzy really pissed me off . All the Frasiers have done so much for her and now at their darkest hour, she MANIPULATES them? Bree being whinny about Roger wanting to become a minister? WTF else can a 20th century history professor do in the 17th century. Mr. and Mrs Bugg?
    A$$holesI! I hated the lack of Fergus and Marsali. But Fergus drowning his sorrows and becoming a neglectful father and boarderline wife beater because Marsali was knocked unconscious? WHAT? The whole Scottish nationality with their once endearing superstitious beliefs were just ugly the season. The only one who didn't grate on my nerves is Jamie. I've never felt this way about Outlander before so yeah, I'll probably give the season another chance down the line.

  4. Ally Lambert
    Ally Lambert says:

    I love when Cat says about Lizzie and the twins’ throuple. It was a delightful surprise in an otherwise emotional and sometimes painful episode, especially for people of the 1700’s.

  5. Kathy Ettkins
    Kathy Ettkins says:

    Claire and Jamie are going through very difficult and stressful times. The acting is superb. Their love for each other is inspirational. I love their ability to deal with very challenging situations. I don’t want their story to end.

  6. Mark Gowans
    Mark Gowans says:

    The incredible love she has for Jamie? I dont think Claire does love Jamie at least not now. I dont know what season 7 will contain obviously but if she ends up in bed with homosexual John Grey and marries him like it is in one of the books. I will stop watching.

  7. Women From 020
    Women From 020 says:

    Why Starz can’t be used in The Netherlands drives me crazy every time a new season is launched, read all the books, now what going to happen, but still the NEED to watch it is just like the need of a cigarette when you are out of them

  8. Bee On Thyme
    Bee On Thyme says:

    I am not interested in Roger and Brianna's love life. I don't feel their chemistry at all. I'm sorry Malva had to die, because this actress was full of passion and fire. I would have liked more stories with her. However, she's gone. Fergus and Malari have better chemistry and were fun to watch…I watched a scene that was cut, of their relationship and it should not have been cut. It gave me a better sense of their love and lives. The ONLY reason Outlander has done so well, is Claire and Jamie. Periodt. There's much to back them up, but without them… it's nothing. I would love a spin off with Lord John Grey's character. A gorgeous gay man navigates the 1700's. His elegance is remarkable.

  9. naomi maria
    naomi maria says:

    Roger was never stupid, in character i loved his humorous personality in outlander' i believe he doesn't get enough credit for his underlying fun personality. roger mac..

  10. Nadra Curtis
    Nadra Curtis says:

    I love this season. Even though I haven't been able to see it all. I've been through the pieces and the bits like this, plus, I've read ALL the books.
    I of course love Jamie and Claire, but I also love Brianna and Roger, Lizzy and the twins, especially their story line, I really needed the laugh, and it was a full on belly laugh in the book. I can't wait to see it played out. I wasn't crazy about the Malva story line, but love the actors.
    It will be interesting to see how they age the baby of Marsali and Fergus, in order to proceed with their storyline in the book.
    To those who are upset with the way the story is proceeding, sorry, life happens. Things change. But it's wonderful that for Jamie and Claire, it always circles back to them.

  11. The Vicarage
    The Vicarage says:

    This was a brilliant season. The scene between Jamie & Claire was genius. The creative synergy between Sam & Caitriona is sublime. I've never seen any couple like them. Ever.

  12. Arabella
    Arabella says:

    Awful awful adaptation – 2 years of trauma, secrets and lies, addiction and a complete mental breakdown, and in the end the writers just “cure” Claire in 5 minutes of weeping by having her turn to Jamie? The same Jamie who was too unrealistic as a source of help and support for the what has been the majority of this season? Book 6 is pretty dark but we have a rock solid Jamie and Claire who face it together – without that you just have unrelenting misery which is what was served up this season. No marriage is made stronger by such a long term deception for however laudable reasons – Jamie now knows he cannot trust that Claire is honest with him and if he doesn’t watch her like a hawk she can risk not only her own safety but everyone in the house too through her reckless use of a highly flammable substance. The illusion that Jamie and Claire are soulmates has been well an truly tarnished and I have no ideas how they will claw back from that in season 7. My guess is they can’t so they will pretend it never happened and PTSD and ether will never be mentioned again.

  13. Sue Rose
    Sue Rose says:

    The ether string is so wrong, not in the books, and not something Claire would ever do, she has far too much respect for it’s flammable nature, and she is far to strong a nature


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