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There’s romance, and then there’s *Outlander* romance. Get ready for the Season 5 premiere on February 16 with the STARZ App, the only place to catch up on all seasons of Outlander.

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Outlander is internationally distributed by Sony Pictures Television.

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12 replies
  1. Anabela Nunes
    Anabela Nunes says:

    Je n'en peux plus de cette attente…plus la date de rapproche et plus difficile devient d'attendre ! Les images sont pleines de belles prmousses et pour ceux qui ont lu et relu les livres on sait la richesse qui nous attend!

  2. Linda A.
    Linda A. says:

    Anyone else besides me wonder why Roger's hair color is LIGHTER in color after going back in time? What happen to his dark hair? I get why he shaved his beard, but even the book describes Roger as a DARK haired man but now he looks much lighter, more of an auburn….?


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