Outlander | Season 3, Episode 6 Clip: Two of Us Now | STARZ

Claire and Jamie are finally reunited after 20 years apart.

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Season 3 of Outlander picks up with Jamie and Claire, separated by continents and centuries, as they attempt to make a life apart from one another, each haunted by the memory of their lost love.

Outlander is internationally distributed by Sony Pictures Television.

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Outlander | Season 3, Episode 6 Clip: Two of Us Now | STARZ

27 replies
  1. flavia cordeiro
    flavia cordeiro says:

    Comecei a ver essa série por um acaso ,me apaixonei é linda a história tanto que quando quando acabei de ver a 3 temporada voltei pra ver tudo denovo mesmo sabendo o que aconteceria,e estou ansiosa pra ver a seguinte, amei.❤

  2. Dianne B. Dee
    Dianne B. Dee says:

    Only Jamie Fraser and Claire Fraser could have a romantic reunion after twenty years and Jamie doesn't have any pants on. I swear though had a single tear rolled out of Sam's eye, I would have been on the floor. And honestly, could Bear McCreary get anymore epic?

  3. Shadow J
    Shadow J says:

    I can honestly declare that I have never seen a more powerful love story than this on Outlander. It shocked me, the amout of emotion, chemistry, faithfulness and loyalty is just beyond what I know nowadays of love. But then again, this is the 18th century, and a FICTIONAL STORY.

  4. Shejam NEWS
    Shejam NEWS says:

    I love how Jamie was jumping emotions from disbelief to denial to just plain stupified and then some urges and burnings for Claire here and there…he was all over the place ..and honestly, understandable!!!

  5. Isabella Kroon
    Isabella Kroon says:

    Imagine wanting to kiss someone, touch someone you love for over 20 years. That pain must have been indescribable! And when they know they can do that again, they were almost afraid to do it!!!


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