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See what the future holds for Claire and Jamie. Season 3 of Outlander returns September 10 on STARZ.

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Season 3 of Outlander picks up with Jamie and Claire, separated by continents and centuries, as they attempt to make a life apart from one another, each haunted by the memory of their lost love.

Outlander is internationally distributed by Sony Pictures Television.

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Outlander | Season 3 Official Trailer | STARZ

41 replies
  1. Sangeetha2708
    Sangeetha2708 says:

    There was no need to make Laghoires character that dark.If Jamie did.not like Laghoire he just should not have married her.There was no need to bring in that character again in Season 3 but maybe the story would not have extended without her character

  2. James
    James says:

    Damn, Frank got such a bad deal. His wife disappeared, he had bare the social shame of the thought his wife had left him, three years go by and he finds on her return that not only does she not love him anymore but she
    had the child of another man and then SPOILER dies in a car accident.

  3. LazyKittyStudios
    LazyKittyStudios says:

    me and my mom were talking and she was getting hella mad at frank but its like??? franks a good ass guy who’s in love with a woman who doenst love him and theres also the fact HE STEPPED UP AND WAS A DAD TO BRIANNA???? I MEAN YES FRANK MY KING

  4. Salma Soliman
    Salma Soliman says:

    Season 3 sucks. This back and forth between future and the last it is boring and uninteresting at all. You ruined it for me I was eager and couldn't wait. But I kept playing forward each time there is current scines.

  5. Anand Kishore
    Anand Kishore says:

    If the story is great I am in and this is an incredible story. This is a show meant for everyone. Those who haven't seen it, it's their loss. They have missed something BEAUTIFUL and OTHERWORLDLY. I have read the books also and that doesn't MAKE ME LESS OF A GUY. This show has more life than any other idiotic shows out there. I am surprised this show is not even nominated for EMMY. People gave TITANIC got oscars but that movie deserved it but this show has much more romantic than that and plus depth. This will always be my top stories that I have seen and read till my dying day or maybe after that also. Much credit goes to the actors who are just amazing, who deserves all the awards. I scorn the people at EMMY and all other awards who are judging the shows by NETWORK.

  6. Giulia Picchiotti
    Giulia Picchiotti says:

    Maybe i was the only one, but i just couldn't watch the scenes between Frank i'm a fucking saint Randall, and Brianna, i had to literally look away, because all i could think about was that Jamie, never had the opportunity of hold ANY of his newborn babies in his arms, and that, destroyed my soul !!! .

  7. Pamela evm
    Pamela evm says:

    Season 3 was good but I found it boring that there were just too many shipwrecks and to turn the corner and find each other. Just way too many shipwrecks. and I've seen all the seasons of outlander now and sometimes I've been really aggravated with Claire. Her stubbornness and wanting to have her own way cause major problems in other people's lives. I got to say I I have read summon the book and some saying what will be on the next season I have a major problem with something that seems like a big deal to me. Jamie is returning to Scotland after the house burnt down to get his printing press. we literally watched his printing shop and everything in it go up in flames!!! They could have used so many more reasons for Jamie and Claire to go back to Scotland but the printing press?! If I had known Jamie and Claire for several years and how many shipwrecks they've been on I don't think I would have ever wanted to take a ship at least not with them on it.

  8. Ketreena Williams
    Ketreena Williams says:

    Claire never gave Frank a real chance when she came back. Frank tried all he could to love her even eccepting her baby from James and understanding of all she went through, but she didn't understand his feelings in return.

  9. Autumn Star
    Autumn Star says:

    Reading the books and watching the series each has its charms and compliments each other. Starting from season 3, they changed many things about how the scenes unfold. The book is completely different and the show is different. For many scenes the book is more detailed and offers a thorough account and the show for some scenes does a better job of being more detailed that aren’t in the book.


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