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In Season 4, a reunited Claire and Jamie will start a home in the new world—but what awaits them there? Outlander returns November 4 to STARZ.

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26 replies
  1. ShutUpLige
    ShutUpLige says:

    I'm halfway through episode 2 season 4. Can somebody who watched all of season 4 tell me if Claire is gonna bash America the whole season? The whole slavery issue is/has gotten real old.

  2. Mark P.
    Mark P. says:

    Season 4 showed up on Netflix this week but thus far I have been disappointed with season 4. Story seems to be running out of gas a bit to me. I won't spoil it for anyone but don't expect too much at least from the first 3 episodes which is all I've watched so far.

  3. Doychin Kutsarov
    Doychin Kutsarov says:

    Season 4 was boring compared to what we have seen so far. I care not for their American adventures and even less for the Briana storyline. Why couldn't they keep it like to Season 1 and 2.

  4. vennexx
    vennexx says:

    I loved how it started. But it has become a harlequin romance novel. The story goes to the wayside while it turns into soft core porn. I'm fine with romance. But not at the cost of the larger scope. I'm starting to lose interest due to the constant always screwing. Always coming into bad situations and alot of stupid decisions. I want more for tree he characters I've grown to like. But I dont need to see Clair like some hedonistic fuck bunny. It's getting old. Fast.

  5. suz
    suz says:

    season 4 is very disappointing. the photography, the direction and the actors remain perfect but the plot, guys, is obscene! too many coincidences, fan service irritates me too much, outlander has really lost too much credibility now, it just seems irrecoverable! I don't know if it's the authors of the series' or Diana Gabaldon's fault, I just know that the first two seasons were wonderful but since Claire returns after 20 years the plot already loses its hits, and when Brianna and Roger also come back in 1700 idk, cringe

  6. Interesant
    Interesant says:

    Claire is an hypicrite. She is against the oppression of human slaves. But she herself is oppressing animals for eating their meat. She should be vegan in orther to be consistent about being against oppression. Watch "Dominion" to understand better what I mean.


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