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27 replies
  1. marcela z venegas
    marcela z venegas says:

    I love OUTLANDER!!!! Diana Gabaldon, I love your books and the adaptation for TV is great!! The cast, OMG, couldn’t be better!!! Thank for making my isolation super good!!! All my friends here, in Lima, Peru, are watching it by my recommendation, and loving it!!!

  2. Linda Jack
    Linda Jack says:

    They really need to give Jamie more white hair to make him look more his age, redheads go white early, and he needs to look old enough to be Brianna’s father. Claire now looks older than him too.

  3. Autumn Star
    Autumn Star says:

    I watched season 5 and I personally found it boring and dragging. That excitement, plotting, adventure, the danger that lurked by being on the run in Scotland, and the Scottish spirit has disappeared after the battle of culloden. With the death of any blood Randalls it really list it’s suspense. Black jack Randall, as sick as he was, was really keeping everyone on its toes.

  4. Joseph1NJ
    Joseph1NJ says:

    All good things must come to an end. Seasons 1 through 3 were extraordinary. Four, not so much. Its as if they ran out of story and either changed writers, or just made up the rest as they went along in order to continue the series past what was expected. Outlander is the story of Jamie and Clair, not their offspring.

  5. Pamela Racanella
    Pamela Racanella says:

    I hate Brianna, her acting sucked in season 4. The story line focuses on her and terrible events resulted bc she left her good sense in the future. The ridiculous mishaps and mindless suffering of Brianna made me wish she stayed in the future.

  6. A W
    A W says:

    Disappointing how much political agenda is in here. They make it a point to make the characters arguing for Christian virtue look like scum of the Earth – make them out to be the bad guys. It’s SO. NOT. HOW. GOOD. CHRISTIANS. ARE. IN. REALITY. Wake up people. HOLLYWOOD IS MANIPULATING THE LAST 2 BRAIN CELLS OUT OF YOU.


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