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They have weathered tyranny and treachery, but a new danger awaits. Watch the official trailer for Outlander Season 6 and catch up anytime on the STARZ App before the season premiere on March 6.

Song: “Wolves” by Trills

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Outlander is internationally distributed by Sony Pictures Television.

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17 replies
  1. Sophia
    Sophia says:

    I don't know, I think this show lost its spark. The first seasons were the best and I think once they came to America it just went downhill. Even the cast just doesn't meet what I expected from the books except for Jamie and Claire and a few in the first seasons. Also why does Claire always have this kind of frowning scowl on her face 24/7. She just has her eye brows scrunched worriedly all the time even when she's smiling. Id like to see some different expressions from her.

  2. Mr Ben
    Mr Ben says:

    The WORST thing this show GOT SO WRONG is that it is Impossible for TWO blued eyed people to HAVE A BROWN EYED CHILD ! So this tells us that Brianna is NOT Jamie's daughter .. Only a FOOL would not know this about EYE COLOUR !!! .

  3. Anika Joseph
    Anika Joseph says:

    One part of me wish that they have done all Outlander seasons already…Then I will watch everything from beginning till the end again…again…and again…because it is so damn GOOD 🙂

  4. b.cage
    b.cage says:

    Absolute BS… politically driven rewritting of western history.. newage anti-white anti western propaganda… they actually try to play it off as if the Native Americans were these noble beings. Smh They complete and utter progressive revisionist nonsense.
    Native American raped, lit on fire, slaughtered settlers for decades, it wasnt until the advent of the revolver that settler were finally able to keep from being robbed and murdered constantly.
    Love how hollywood like to rewrite history to fit their white guilt narrative.

  5. Da-Kollector
    Da-Kollector says:

    I just finished watching season 1 to 5 on Netflix. I usually love time travel movies but never have I experienced a show like this. I absolutely love this show. I really hope to see more seasons and end with a Bang! I think I might get Starz so I can see season 6. I can't wait to watch another season.


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