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There’s no place like Oz. From creator Tom Fontana, all 6 seasons of Oz are available to watch on HBO NOW: http://itsh.bo/hbonowyt
Oz is an HBO drama series about the Oswald State Correctional Facility that premiered in 1997, starring Ernie Hudson, J.K. Simmons, Lee Tergesen, Dean Winters, George Morfogen and Terry Kinney.

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  1. Dan
    Dan says:

    Late 90s to early 2000s this show came out. Didn’t know how i felt about that, being older and all. This trailer is 5 years ago. Didn’t know how i felt about that either. But. Let me tell you. This show is absolutely incredible. I would recommend this to everyone.

  2. TheMrHavish
    TheMrHavish says:

    Miss OZ and it was certainly a great show and paved the way for so many other great dramas.

    I think one of the reasons OZ is overlooked is due to timing. Around the time HBO dramas like The Sopranos and The Wire were hitting it big, OZ was already in its 4th season and winding down, so many people missed out and didn't catch it until it was over.

  3. Eric Haynes
    Eric Haynes says:

    The Sopranos was great, but without Tony it would have been rudderless. Every character in OZ was great, the writing was fantastic, the actors perfect for their roles. OZ was the first and is still the GOAT.


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