PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 7: Next Of Kin Trailer (2021)

Official Paranormal Activity 7: Next Of Kin Movie Trailer 2021 | Subscribe ➤ | Horror Movie Trailer | Release: 29 Oct 2021 on Paramount+ | More
Described as an “unexpected retooling” of the series, but will retain the found footage format.

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Paranormal Activity 7: Next Of kin (2022) is the new horror movie.

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32 replies
  1. Asher Swaney
    Asher Swaney says:

    Just finished watching it. And honestly, not a favorite. It doesnt have the creepy vibes, the recordings are clean way too clean to be "Found Footage" I understand it was filmed in 2021 and camera quality changes, but it doesnt seem like it was recorded off a hand held camera ya know? The ending was pretty dope, ill give them that. But they just took the name "Paranormal Activity" and made a completely different movie with some scares here and there. I could actually see the creature even though paranormal activity is all about not being able to see it (because its way more scary) and possession. I dont know, i just think ever since the 4th one its been going down hill a bit. Its not as raw anymore. Almost everything in the 1st one was of course a little bit unplanned but thats what made it so good, 2nd one they actually scared the actors without them knowing, 3rd one is good because of the camera angles and how well it explained the first 2 movies and of course we want to know what happens to the kids.
    Yea yea im complaining a lot, but i grew up on these movies and it use to be so real and raw. Im huge horror fan. It just didnt have that taste. Id give it about a 4.5/10. Got one good scare in there, ending was alright, and deaths were pretty cool. While watching the first 3 movies I had to keep telling myself that theyre actors, its not real footage, and thats what made it so good. PA 7 just did not have that effect. At least the 6th one connected the story in a really wicked way. This one was just had no connection. The concept was really cool dont get me wrong! But stuff happened in the 6th and its all unanswered. The 7th? I wouldnt call this paranormal activity.

  2. H R
    H R says:

    Holy shit, the guy playing the creepy father in this is the same badguy from the John Travolta Punisher movie that got shish kabob'ed with the knife towards the end!


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