Party Down | ‘Casey Should Be More Discreet’ Ep. 7 Clip | STARZ

The group takes an ill-attempted pass at Ron’s team building game. Catch up on Seasons 1-2 of Party Down on the STARZ App. Season 3 premieres February 24.

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Ten years later, most of the Party Down catering team have moved on, including failed actor/bartender Henry Pollard, who has a new life as a high school teacher. He and the old gang briefly reunite at a party celebrating former waiter Kyle Bradway’s big breakthrough, where they find old team leader Ron Donald is about to buy out the company, finally making himself the owner of Party Down. 

Ten years after struggling actor Henry Pollard quit acting and gave up his day job working for Party Down Catering, a stroke of bad luck lands him back with his old team of Hollywood dreamers and misfits tending bar.

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  1. Shelby Jones
    Shelby Jones says:

    @61alfonzo He says "I told you there was a fucking line" in reference to an earlier conversation about how Henry had to wait to hook up with Casey since he was the new guy.

    Douche chilllll


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