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The cast and crew give you a taste of what to expect for Season 2. Catch up on Seasons 1-2 of Party Down on the STARZ App. Season 3 premieres February 24.

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Ten years after struggling actor Henry Pollard quit acting and gave up his day job working for Party Down Catering, a stroke of bad luck lands him back with his old team of Hollywood dreamers and misfits tending bar.

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  1. ScudX
    ScudX says:

    @alulu8 Well, not surprisingly, once again you think wrong. Laughable is such an assertion coming from a person who's willing to defy their body's honest reaction to a stimulus in the vain hope of clinging to a slipshod set of shaky principles they THINK they believe in. You may just be too delicate for cable, kiddo.

  2. ScudX
    ScudX says:

    @ScudX Also, use your inside voice and figure out the post you -want- to make before hamfisting the post button. 5 deleted drafts visible on the page is just embarrassing, especially since there are no stakes.

  3. TheLegitGOAT
    TheLegitGOAT says:

    @alulu8 just because they don't have a PSA at the end of each episode talking about how sexism is a serious topic, doesn't mean they condone it. Just curious, what are some of the more "dismissive" moments you're referring to? Off hand, I can't think of anything that stands out..


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