Paterno (2018) Official Trailer ft. Al Pacino | HBO

Paterno (starring Al Pacino) centers on Penn State’s Joe Paterno in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal.


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21 replies
  1. Kilroy 5150
    Kilroy 5150 says:

    I saw the movie and i have one question about something that stood out: While this guy is outside of Paterno's house, explaining the seriousness of this…..were a bunch of mindless idiots chanting "Joe Paterno"? I mean, did these morons REALLY think chanting Paterno's name would get these kids unraped? Or were they so single-minded that they didn't care? Kinda sends out a signal about the intelligence of some of the students going there.


  2. Slo Mo
    Slo Mo says:

    As a penn state fan, I can’t bring myself to watch this. Jerry Sandusky is a sick man, and what he did was disgusting, and the fact that JoePa had to suffer from it as well, is just terrible. I know that Paterno knew, and that bothers me. It bothers me that this program was blemished by the disgusting acts of one sick man. I really wish JoePa had told the AD. It would’ve been bad regardless, but at least he wouldn’t have been slandered like he has been.

  3. rexmage
    rexmage says:

    When he said 'Try it' I felt you couldn't find a better person to play Joe Pa. I am still convinced Joe did everything he thought he was correct in doing. The university needed a body and it was Joe.

  4. Jimmy Buckets
    Jimmy Buckets says:

    Paterno towards the end of his life has some similarities to Michael Corleone: he rose from unassuming nobody to the king of his game. He won many battles. He built an empire. Off the battlefield, though, he failed in many other, more important aspects, and it eventually caught up to him. He died wondering if his accomplishments were really worth the sacrifices.

  5. D4r7h_Fur10u5
    D4r7h_Fur10u5 says:

    I guess you could call Joe Paterno an evil genius, the heart of satan with the brains of hawking. Joe is the reason why Penn State even has a dynasty, yet is the reason along with Sandusky for so much suffering. Joe was a great coach but probably not a good person…


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