Perfect Match | Where Are They Now? | Netflix

It’s time to catch up with a few of your favorite couples from Perfect Match to get the real on all the things that happened after the show wrapped. Are Kariselle and Joey living happily ever after? Where did Dom and Georgia go for their dream vacation? Did Chloe and Shayne really think that they were the most compatible in the villa? Find out the answer to all of your burning questions, and to see if your favorite Netflix Reality Stars truly found their perfect match.


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Perfect Match | Where Are They Now? | Netflix

Couples who prove their compatibility gain the power to make or break other matches in this strategic and seductive dating competition.

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  1. Yairsino Temistocles Empedocles
    Yairsino Temistocles Empedocles says:

    Ines and Dom should've been a thing!!! I think those two were the only ones understanding all and they could've been really great not only on the show but afterwards. So, in the end… the whole show shows that it's a farse! no one found their perfect match, everybody ended up braking up.

  2. T DS
    T DS says:

    Dom and abby should've been the perfect match abby wants her men to have no doubts of leaving her and she wants something that is a real relationship that is meant to stay dom wants the saim she cant talk to other but at the end of the day no doubts in a relationship with himn

  3. Phillip Hill
    Phillip Hill says:

    This show was the BIGGEST waste of my entertainment viewing history. When this was touted as Netflix’s version of Bachelor in Paradise I was excited, but when absolutely zero of your couples end up at least dating after the show…why was I invested? “Perfect” is a foolish word for foolish people. Bad bar set from the writer’s room.

  4. Jimmy James
    Jimmy James says:

    My assessment on Shayne, he isn't a lunatic he just seems like a guy who has had a lot of failure or rejection in life so now he pulls off the band-aid and disallows himself happiness before they rip it from him

  5. Kristie
    Kristie says:

    Gotta give it to Georgia, she's a pretty good actress. Acts like she's a nice person in this vid and like she cares about Dom then proceeds to post things to trash his reputation. I'm glad Dom debunked all her lies… too bad for Georgia that Harry's got a big mouth and bragged about sleeping with her on the day of the podcast. She should've just been honest in the first place.

  6. xYAHx
    xYAHx says:

    It is not surprising that they all broke up. These people all know how to put on a show for TV, but probably don't gave a genuine bone in theory body lmfao.


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