Perry Mason: Under The Fedora | HBO

The cast and creators of Perry Mason discuss how they took the legendary defense attorney character back to his gritty roots as a private investigator and recreated 1930s Los Angeles for a new kind of Perry Mason story. The new original series Perry Mason, starring Emmy winner Matthew Rhys, premieres June 21 at 9PM on HBO. #HBO #PerryMasonHBO
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Perry Mason: Under The Fedora | HBO

33 replies
  1. MrHEC381991
    MrHEC381991 says:

    Hollywood doesn't take a chance with these kind of gumshoe/noir kind of films or shows anymore (Black Dahlia and Motherless Brooklyn being the last ones). I really hope this is good and deserves good attention.

  2. Mike Sterken
    Mike Sterken says:

    I want to see this so bad. But his fedora is wrong. Back then guys took pride in their hats. It would have been super blocked and formed perfectly. Not looking like a felt unformed hat he is wearing in the show.

  3. Old Gameplay Velho Jogabilidade
    Old Gameplay Velho Jogabilidade says:

    Sugestão de filme: Numa época pré industrial, onde crianças desaparecem e casos de pedofilia misteriosamente acontecem pela cidade, um bando de crianças que vivem nas ruas começam criar bolas coloridas e a imagem de um "senhor bondoso" que dá presentes dia 25/12 (tanto pela necessidade de sobreviver e saber porque as pessoas cidade gostavam desse senhor médico) com a imagem do principal que resolve aderir a idéia.
    Comprovam e criam estratégia para mata-lo.

  4. HeavenlyRaven1978
    HeavenlyRaven1978 says:

    "Paul Drake" did the detecting on the t.v. show in the 60s. But this has awesome all over it. HBO put so much money into it, and it was well worth it!!! Ya gotta love noir and a great gumshoe

    POPULP says:

    What i like in perry mason books and what is different in them, is that Perry Mason is lawyer. If he s just a detective its really disappointing

  6. MrBrad898540
    MrBrad898540 says:

    Whey they gave the lead character the name of Perry Mason is beyond me. Any old name would have done, but to attach it to an already iconic series with no relationship to the original material is as much a gimmick, as it is ridiculous. I have no problem with the show itself, but attaching the stigma of past success to an established series may very well do more harm than good.

  7. Garfield Smith
    Garfield Smith says:

    Perry Mason is a lawyer. Paul Drake is a PI. Della Street is Mason's secretary. This is not Perry Mason. They just could have just made this a series about a P.I. in the 1930s; not try to capitalize on a well known character. Well the books are back in print and the DVDs of the original show are out there; so lots to read and watch.

  8. Victor Poirier
    Victor Poirier says:

    Watched the first season with my 92 year old pop. Moved from Michigan in 1937 to SoCal and it passed the "smell test" with him. He was only eight, but from what he can remember, it's a factual representation based on that period in time.

  9. LittleRaeofSunshine
    LittleRaeofSunshine says:

    Can't believe it took me so long to watch, what an absolute joy. Watched Perry Mason with my Grandma in LA, and to see all the details tucked in that you truly appreciate being raised in the LA area–dairy farms, oil wells, Phillipe's. So fun!


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