PINK All I Know So Far – Official Trailer | Prime Video

The film follows Pink on her Beautiful Trauma World Tour, as she balances being a performer with her role as a mother, wife, and boss.

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PINK All I Know So Far – Official Trailer | Prime Video

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  1. coreystuart
    coreystuart says:

    I have SO much respect for Pink and what she brings to the table. As a musician singer and songwriter myself, having played 36 years….if I had one wish to work with anyone in this industry….it would have to be Pink.

  2. Kaitlyn sponseller
    Kaitlyn sponseller says:

    I’m 11 years old and I’ve always wanted to be a singer but my mom sent me this and said to look at it I said why and she said “Just think of you trying to do this! You would rock it hunny!” And I was just thinking of giving up on this dream. But with my mother telling me this I’m now more excited. Thanks mom even tho you won’t see this I love you

  3. Leslie 75
    Leslie 75 says:

    Incredibly beautiful, inspiring and real. Thanks for sharing your life with those of us that find that special connection in your music. And thank you for sharing your beautiful babies with us.

  4. a anon
    a anon says:

    ok first, a bit too long, had to FF. im a millennial after all. i just wanted to see the performance really.
    2nd, a bit too preachy.
    3rd, i dont get all her hurt from her family…blah blah…her parents. she said they were both there for her & yet she seems to blame them anyway. my mum was an er surgeon when we were little beasties & she had to run out alot on call & she missed alot, BUT we always knew she loved us, she gave of herself whenever she was with us & the same with our da. he was a cfo of a major company & worked alot, traveled some but we always knew we could get him when we needed him & felt very secure as children, teens, etc… well fed, well educated, supported & loved. mistakes along the way…nobodys perfect..put out the fire at the stake.
    now theyve slowed down & can choose their business hours so we all can spend more time as a family, even as we have grown (4 of us) with busy careers, significant others & a few babies added to the fun & mayhem. & we are all still making mistakes..oh my!
    listen, ive worked at a shelter for runaways & until you had a father who molested you or an alcoholic mum that beat you, save your criticisms about your parents for a laugh @ birthdays.
    ive heard stories that would gut you.
    just chill out. nobodys perfect & love the imperfections as much as you love the strengths. stop complaining already. just sayin'.

  5. Frank O'Brien
    Frank O'Brien says:

    Surprised at how good this was. Always liked her music but always thought she was a typical obnoxious rock star loser. Solid long term marriage to Carey Hart, who by the way is the star of this show because he is so solid as a supporting husband and father to her 2 cute kids. Not sure how any marriage or family can survive a world tour but Pink does it. Keeps 225 people and their families gainfully employed and does it with respect and grace. I am very impressed with this woman and how she keeps it together. A ton of pressure and responsibility. Seems like her fans identify with her rebelliousness and quirky style. She was born to entertain and she does it extremely well. She is a hard worker who shows people how to overcome, themselves. Bravo.


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  7. Kylie Pollert
    Kylie Pollert says:

    I just watched this movie; it was excellent!! I loved how it showed P!nk preparing for her tour in different countries, and her family life with her husband and kids, as well as her childhood life. She also puts on one heck of a show with her great band and dancers… I am really amazed by the aerialist stunts she does, and to think she wanted to be like Cher… I can believe it! Everything about this movie was perfect!


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