Power Book II: Ghost | Ep. 7 Preview | Season 2

Everyone’s on the verge of losing it all. Who do you think needs to watch their back?

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35 replies
  1. Mahje YT
    Mahje YT says:

    For everyone saying that carrie should get popped in the end of the season. She shouldn’t, because there was the dead body in the pool, then Jabari, and then it would be carrie. It would be a pattern and there would be even more heat on campus. It’s stupid. They should just force her to leave town or something. Killing her would be stupid (even though I want her to get popped).

  2. Invincible Young Empire
    Invincible Young Empire says:

    Dru and Cain coming at blows. Tariq having Kanan's conscience will keep him afloat but him getting his sister back is the main part of this season we personally want to see. And Professor Milgrim is going to meet her date real soon if she keeps this up.

  3. Pooh Fisher
    Pooh Fisher says:

    Love Tariq and Braydon. Braydon is on the dumb side with innocent thinking believe now he will be a great actor. He got us so run with it. Tariq? He you hate but you love. Told ghost cause you left us for her. That broke our heart. It the true come out of how boys feel when dad leave mom. You as dads now see why boys take it different. He Tariq saw his dad don’t love him or anyone he left them like a piece of tissue he wiped his but on. Truth don’t hurt but boys it’s about the father love gone.

  4. TaFadzwa Blessing
    TaFadzwa Blessing says:

    the Ghost of kenan should comeback and talk to Tariq maybe give him some clever ideas… Tariq is in deep troublee…..the only way to unlock the monster in Dru is to kill his boyfriend…Lorenzo is somehow going to die he is just there in Power paving a way for Dru to run the game….i feel like at the end of this season there are going to leave us with a big clif hanger seeing Tariq going to jail not Cane, saving up for season 3 hahah ..


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