Power Book II: Ghost | ‘No Snitches’ | Season 3

Y’all know how we feel about snitches around here. 🤐
#PowerGhost returns Friday 3/17 on @Starz

#PowerNeverEnds #PowerTV #PowerGhost

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  1. John Dooee
    John Dooee says:

    He will never be like Ghost, the boy is lying to himself when he says, im better and smarter then my father. This brat had everything served on a gold plater for him while Ghost build everything and made what he had from ZERO. Tariq will never be as ruthless, savage, street smart, make those kinda deals, deal with those kind of people that Ghost did, reach that type of succsess and have that type of reputation that Ghost had, Ghost was feard in the streets and respected, no one dared to cross him or play him like Tariq is gettin played. Tariq is still in his baby boy pants even if he sells drugs and has bodies on him. Tariq deserves every bad thing that's coming to him and for him. And he will end up dead just like Ghost in the very last season and episode of PB2


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