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Does the ends justify the means? #PowerGhost is back November 21 on STARZ.

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26 replies
  1. Prim3time
    Prim3time says:

    I think we keep the story alive if Ghost is not dead. He return would skyrocket the rating. The story with his son is average at best but the popularity of the series can’t be held by him, raising Kanan and tommy story. Even if ghost was dead, his story can’t end with his damn hard headed, want a be gangster son killing him. I will accept just about anyone else doing it except him…and let him finish school and have Ghost empire. That’s poor writing if u ask me. 50 is all about getting that bag so why waste the opportunity for more.

  2. Mal Ant
    Mal Ant says:

    2 deaths related to the University in a short space of time
    The professor and the gang member in the pool
    The feds are gonna check the formers phone records plus his computer right….

  3. aykihr
    aykihr says:

    tariq is ghost. remember how’s there’s only one ghost? yeah. history repeating itself. james (ghost) wanted to tariq to have a better life than he did. that’s why he was like that towards him. that’s why he was soo hard about his education. but, like father like son. tariq hated his dad for stepping out on the family for angela. plus with kanan adding more fuel to the fire by trying to turn tariq against his dad. james (ghost) was actually trying to break the general curse/cycle. but instead, tariq is actually a manifestation of his dad (ghost). tariq IS ghost. “he never dies”, remember? … it’s pretty interesting how Ghost and Tommy were bestfriends and Tariq and Brayden are bestfriends… Brayden might actually be a manifestation of tommy.. you know how history repeats itself? brayden is very loyal to tariq just how tommy was to james.. he even kind of acts like tommy a little “down to earth”. this might even mean the same thing for the girls that tariq are close to. Paige could be Angela and Diana could be tasha. Diana only knows and is close to him be cause of the “game” and the illegal things that they do. she likes that a lot about him. similar to tasha right? but on the other hand… Paige likes Tariq for who he really is. the nice tariq, the smart and intelligent tariq. sounds similar to angela? i know i’m not the only one that thinks this… the writers of this show are very smart!!

  4. Joseph Bridges
    Joseph Bridges says:

    I have a question, what is Zeke story? Zeke knows his mother but doesn't know his father. Zeke is from the south but who could his father be, can his father be Breeze? Nobody hasn't talked about who is Zeke. Can anyone clarify because that's a wondering question I need answered.

  5. DFlows
    DFlows says:

    Thing about Tariq is he always wanted to live his own life and his parents didn’t allow him they were always controlling his future but that’s why i can’t wait for the next season I wanna see more growth and violence

  6. MimiMella3
    MimiMella3 says:

    I cannot stand Tariq for what he did to his father; however, I do watch the show in hopes that one day someone does the same to him haha! He always gets into these very sticky situations and stays alive. Can't stand Tasha either, but she's not really on the show. I like Effie, Tate, Davis Maclean, Dru, and even Brayden. They make the show for me…

  7. Tavara
    Tavara says:

    How this lil ngga got the nerve to talk bout "dealing with the consequences". You been running from your own for 2 seasons, now you wanna act grown?!


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