Power Book II: Ghost | Teaser | STARZ

When one chapter ends, another begins. Power Book II: Ghost premieres this September on STARZ.

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31 replies
  1. Des B
    Des B says:

    Lol no one is gonna watch this. He pretty much messed up his whole family’s life. Dad and sister dead, mom in jail. The baby sister and grandma probably next lol

  2. courtney parrish
    courtney parrish says:

    I hope its a twin of his in that casket.I cant take mary j blidge serious. They need to replace her with Nicki micheaux the lady who plays nia bailey on In the dark. Method man is okay but nobody can outdo Proctor. Hell, get charlie hunnam from Sons of Anarchy

  3. Arnaq Ducycle
    Arnaq Ducycle says:

    you're right without james it's not power how shit like this can kill james it's not possible, i'm disappointed with the ending we gave to this character …. it's the boss shit he can't die like this, tariq the bulldogs head is killing the boss !!! damn it's not possible, james did everything for this asshole he tells him i love you and this tariq bulldogs kills him with one more bullet, it's really rubbish this end for james, me who loves this character

  4. A Bandupp
    A Bandupp says:

    •Tariq doesn't Know his First Steps without Tasha
    • Grinds for 500k for a lawyer sellin Coke in School
    • Trouble & Mixure ( Drugs,DEA, School)
    • Tariq finds away to get his mom home with alot of unsolved puzzles to be handled

  5. Me Me
    Me Me says:

    I hated the fact that nothing is brought out about how dirty Ghost wife is and his son when, this man wanted to straighten up she wined about the lifestyle she was used to and how bad a father he was just to keep his mind busy so she could do her dirt, she know exactly why Ghost grabbed her arms, she a big mouth, manipulating, backstabbing, evil heartless, unappreciative, 2 faced liar, playing the good house wife in jail and that piece of son should be popped off please !!!!!!!


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