Power Book II: Ghost | ‘Trust’ Ep. 1 Clip | Season 3

Can anybody be trusted in this game? #PowerGhost premieres Friday 3/17 on @Starz

#PowerNeverEnds #PowerTV #PowerGhost

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25 replies
  1. Slingshot
    Slingshot says:

    Rule number 1 of the game there is no escaped. Especially for the people you care for. Monet is a fool to put all the trust in Tariq. The only person close to escaping was Ghost.

  2. 90s Baby
    90s Baby says:

    We 3 seasons in and bruh still looks like a toddler. Pencil draw a goatee on him or spray in his peach fuzz. Its hard to sell his story when he looks like a middle schooler.

  3. Yolanda Martin
    Yolanda Martin says:

    The guy that plays Cane was at Mary J. Blige(Monet) party last week and he commented on his post saying "The End". Not really sure what he meant by that comment but if I'm guessing right either him or Monet won't be around after Season 3. POWER BOOK 2 already got the green light for season 4. I'm a gambling woman and I believe that Effie and probably that prosecutor Jenny going to get killed. Sax not going to die just yet because Davis needs him to get his brother out of jail. I believe Sax will get killed in Season 4 because once Davis brother gets out of jail, Sax going to find out that Davis is the one that committed the murder not his brother. Davis is going to be the one to take Sax out. Tariq has the tapes that proves Monet killed Mecca he's saving them for a little insurance. When Davis told Riq she has to go he's either talking about Effie or Diana they both are a liability. They both know too much and doing too much ish. Tariq and Dru both will catch a body in Season 3. Cane going to jail for killing that cop. How? They will find the cop phone. Remember that "SD card" that Cane removed from the cop's phone? Cane chewed it up before he threw it therefore leaving his DNA on it. Monet going to find out either through Davis or Tariq that Lorenzo is the one that killed Zeke. Monet going to have her crew to kidnap Lorenzo, and beat him. Monet going to take Lorenzo out. The shootout is going to be either at Zeke's funeral or Lorenzo's. These are just my predictions for Season 3.


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