Power Book III: Raising Kanan | Official Teaser | STARZ

Southside Jamaica, Queens, 1991. These streets don’t play. Power Book III: #RaisingKanan premieres July 18 only on STARZ!

#PowerNeverEnds #STARZ

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43 replies
  1. fonz112 Goss
    fonz112 Goss says:

    I wasn't a fan of 50's character in Power but I know he wants to become a star. I takes a real long time for the series to start and you have to much time in between episodes midway!!!

  2. Invincible Young Empire
    Invincible Young Empire says:

    There’s a few favorite character from Power that we love but Kenan is literally our favorite. Just a fascinating character. Of course, being that 50 plays him makes it better. But if you guys noticed, the upbringing of Kenan is literally like the upbringing in 50’s real life that we seen in GRODT (the movie). With him mom being a hustler and seeing how things went down growing up.

  3. Kyng
    Kyng says:

    I feel like this arc is gonna explain alot in the last and the shits we missed lol not only that but they might surprise us with something about ghost & tommy after he got shot or sumn.

  4. nee-nee dg
    nee-nee dg says:

    50 might be a pot stirrer on social media but this man has a brilliant mind when it comes to storytelling and making his bread. He's definitely doing big things. I stopped watching Power because i got lost with alot of episodes and couldn't find the time to catch up but i will be tuned into to this from start to finish.

  5. Pooh Fisher
    Pooh Fisher says:

    First May, then June, July 9, now July 18?? Releases have been terrible from start of a really good show. No one wait one month, then no where you just stop watching all episodes. I’ve moved on to Chi on Showtime. This movie episode are as scheduled each season. Sorry StarZ we left after same old trick as you’ll pulled last year with Power ghost book 2. Bye, bye still rather Keep Showtime..

  6. 0poIE
    0poIE says:

    This is going be be very foreign to me to try and immerse myself in new characters when I can only feel attached to the other ones.. Not sure

    LIVIN LIKE ANT says:

    After seeing the sneak peek of child Kanan crying with the pillows in his face & a busted lip because some kid took his money. I think that fight is at 0:35 & u could tell child Kanan is the one getting punched in the face because child Kanan has that black leather jacket & if y’all remember in 50 cent’s new song “Part Of The Game” music video, it shows that same child Kanan running away crying with a black leather jacket. So that clip of the music video of child Kanan running, the clip at 0:35 of child Kanan getting punched in the face & the sneak peek of child Kanan crying in the bed with a busted lip is ALL connected.

  8. John Negrete
    John Negrete says:

    Was expecting so much better. Lame actors and just not interesting. The scene of everyone sitting in the restaurant and then shots fired in the parking lot is so played out. Just bad writing and acting. Time to catch up on Luther on Starz. Now this is a show…….


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