Power Book III: Raising Kanan | Official Trailer | STARZ

These streets don’t play. Kanan Stark’s story begins July 18 only on STARZ. #RaisingKanan

#PowerNeverEnds #STARZ

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38 replies
  1. JokahDrift
    JokahDrift says:

    The sets are dope. To see the old cars and clothes even street signs are nostalgic. I think the plots and the acting was betrer in Power and Book 2 though. I thought it would grow on me but it didn't.

  2. Deb Brown
    Deb Brown says:

    Thought I loved Power until I watched Raising Kanan…something about the "old school" vibes. I identify with the times..ahhh nostalgia…so many reminders…even the episode where they showed Kanan watching Arsenio Hall. This series really captured the 90's. Keep it going!

  3. Sir Evelyn Dé Rothschild
    Sir Evelyn Dé Rothschild says:

    Well show been delayed because NOBODY gives a fuck about Kanan NEVER did. Nobody watching it lowest view's Ratings in Power history. I love Power but sometimes 50 doesn't need to add a character based on his life. Nigga truly dragged that character for far to many seasons. Snowfall based in the 90s shits on Kanan show. #IMO

  4. Rekka Kien
    Rekka Kien says:

    I have much higher hopes that this'll be better than that bullshit ass teen drama garbage with Tariq's story. Which is why I flushed that shit to start this one. Couldn't take it anymore. Other than Method man & Mary J, nothing else new matters.


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