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“Power Book IV: Force” centers on fan-favorite character Tommy Egan, played by Joseph Sikora, after he cuts ties and puts New York in his rearview mirror for good. As Tommy leaves New York after losing Ghost, LaKeisha and the only city he’s ever known, he makes a quick detour to close an old wound that’s been haunting him for decades. What was supposed to be a quick stop turns into a labyrinth of family secrets and lies Tommy thought were long buried. One step leads to another and Tommy quickly finds himself in Chicago’s drug game, inserting himself between the city’s two biggest crews. In a city divided by race, Tommy straddles the line, ultimately becoming the lynchpin that not only unites them – but holds the POWER to watch them crumble. As the first season unfolds at breakneck speed, Tommy uses his outsider status to his advantage, breaking all the local rules and rewriting them on his quest to become the biggest drug dealer in Chicago.

23 replies
  1. Big Za
    Big Za says:

    I’m starting off good if you ask me if at a good pace not to quick I don’t him tommy will take over the pipeline till season 2 but he will run Chicago can’t wait till jp find out his sim been shooting up his bar

  2. Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf says:

    I'm calling it now because I haven't seen anyone else call it yet. But somewhere down the line of this book (either final episode, or somewhere in the second half of the season) we are gonna see Tommy's version of when he went back to new york after Tashas little outburst. (ratting him out). We gonna get to see the conversation he had with Kash right before seeing tariq yadayada. remember force is taking place right after ghost death and the first time tommy leaves. so it's on the same timezone as Power book 2 season 1. frankly 2bits (hopefully) appearing and Tommy's version of returning to New york is what I'm MOSTLY looking forward to

  3. Pooh Fisher
    Pooh Fisher says:

    The best but nothing can out do Dang Tariq attorney Davis, Monet, Cain Braydon and poor ZEke the freak. Snake Effy. Effy, hair was a mess after killing Lauran. I hope Effy burn in hell.Force Tommy we love, but think he’s a one man army, but Tommy F-up too. Ads show ghost and Kanin and him in that mustang driving off. Think he just might die somewhere in episode, like why work with that girl from NYC, knowing she an enemy? Oh his mistakes. Enjoying this.

  4. Ingólfr Arnarson
    Ingólfr Arnarson says:

    I must admit I was pissed off when there were three seasons of stupid boys. I asked myself over and over. Where's my Tommy? Why am I watching one weak privileged kid in school and another dumb son of a cop killing addict's with his stupidity and grown people listening to these children like they are something special….

  5. Matias Gancio
    Matias Gancio says:

    Más series como power, dirigidas x 50 cent x favor, y x favor ponganle más realismo a la hora cuando le disparan a un carro pasan las puertas no solo los vidrios a no ser que sea blindado

  6. Pooh Fisher
    Pooh Fisher says:

    Need some spice in the movie. Like really gorgeous men, Trevor Jackson or Cash dad on there. Men are ok. But at least one my lord gorgeous man, Tommy yes a scary hunk. Need something more for the ladies eyes to say ummmmm.


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