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Power returns for Season 6!

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From Executive Producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Show Creator Courtney Kemp (The Good Wife) comes Season 6 of the hit drama “Power.”

34 replies
  1. Will W
    Will W says:

    WHERE IS YOUR REPRESENTATION of other minorities STARZ???? What about Asians?….Latinos….LGBTQ?? Gays represent over 15% in this country….Latinos over 18%…..Yet they are RARELY on your channel!!! Think about it people, and LQQK at their catalog of moves!!!!… TELL THEM THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!! I REFUSE TO WATCH YOUR CHANNEL TIL THINGS CHANGE!!

  2. Reena215
    Reena215 says:

    Poor Ghost went thru all that to get out the life just to have it taken away by his shtty azz son smh. I keep hearing Ghost is still alive tho… Hopefully we'll find out something on the next season of Ghost

  3. Lanette Cooper
    Lanette Cooper says:

    What happened to shawns mother? She didnt even know her son died when kane friend i forgot his name what if shawns mother finds out he is dead kane said she better not or something like that to make us believe she was comimg back and tommy shooting up ghost aparment with that gun and no neighbors heard that made no sense to have him do it i guess they wanted to get rid of the set but damn that eas stupid.

  4. minion
    minion says:

    i found the final season hard to watch it seemed like it got to the point where 90% of the cast was gone and the Riq acting hard really didn't help damn man that little fucker should of died instead of Raina….. I heard he's been getting death threats in real life thanks fucked up.

  5. almadeunrebel
    almadeunrebel says:

    POWER is a great show. when you take a wide lens look, it's the cycle that repeats itself…long line of trauma that doesn't ever get addressed. Trauma leads to more actions with the wrong motivation behind it.

    Live as if life is bigger than you, as if it's on a string.

    We're attached to strings my people.

  6. SG Castle
    SG Castle says:

    I watched almost every show on this list, i didn't they were underrated.
    There is my List
    8- Marry Kills People.
    7- Sneaky Pete
    6- Da Vinci demon
    5- Medici Master of Florence
    4-Jane the Virgin
    3- Person of interest
    1-Marvel's agents of S.h.i.e.l.d.


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