Preacher: Comic-Con 2016 Official Trailer

Get a first look at what’s coming up in the final episodes of Season 1. For more Preacher:

Official Preacher Comic-Con Trailer

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38 replies
  1. bones22j
    bones22j says:

    After tonight's episode, I'm coming to the conclusion that the town Rat Water is hell. Where everyone lives there worst nightmare over and over again.

  2. beatthecrowd001
    beatthecrowd001 says:

    as much as I do like this show, alot in fact, After reading the comics which are fucking amazing! and cannot believe I have never heard of them prior to the show. Im kinda bummed knowing that they are gonna change things around almost completely. though I can see why after reading the comics and granted this is AMC. for all those who have'nt read the comics, do SO! seriously!!

  3. DoctorDoom
    DoctorDoom says:

    huge comics fan so i decided to read the series before watching a tv show based off of it, and after reading the beautiful masterpiece that is Garth Ennis and Steve Dillons PREACHER…the trailer to this series makes me barf…i dont care how good you people think it is, it wont be anything near what the comics are. Read them.

  4. Dandelion
    Dandelion says:

    I'm tired of waiting. I wanna see my precious kids. I need Eugene alive again, in the fucking flesh. Aaaaaaaaa can't wait til next year!! Hopefully the seasons get longer too.


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