Preacher Season 2: The First 10 Minutes of the Season Premiere Opening Act

The road trip to find God gets off to a bloody start. Check out the mayhem-filled opening scenes from the second season. Don’t miss the two-night premiere, starting Sunday, June 25 at 10/9c.

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Preacher: Season 2: The First 10 Minutes of the Opening Act

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26 replies
  1. localcrew
    localcrew says:

    Tulip says "Nah — I don't like it." when the very dark-skinned black man sings "Yellow Rose of Texas". The Yellow Rose refers to a light-skinned black woman — "High Yellow" in the vernacular. Tulip is a light-skinned black woman. So the choice of a dark black man to sing the song and the cutaway shot to Tulip is certainly no coincidence. On the macing of the balls… I got nothing.

  2. lauren
    lauren says:

    I’ve always loved how concerned Jesse is about Cassidy here. It’s sweet that he goes back and holds the umbrella for him, especially considering it’s one of the last scenes before their relationship goes to shit

  3. Corey Richards
    Corey Richards says:

    I know this is gonna get lost and it’s an insanely specific detail to notice, but at 1:30 you can see and hear Cassidy go to light his joint, but then wait until Jesse has finished his line about tulips skin looking good, which I assume was his intended mark to light the joint.

  4. MTB Alpine County
    MTB Alpine County says:

    I've watched Preacher a dozen times. But this scene is the best..
    All rules gone, insanity prevails and the guy still gets the girl. Probably the best Series asode from..Wait for it !
    Black Sails! Still my Numero uno!


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