President Obama Narrates Our Great National Parks | Official Trailer | Netflix | #WildForAll

An epic five-part series narrated by President Barack Obama that invites viewers to celebrate and discover the power of our planet’s greatest national parks and wild spaces.

Watch Our Great National Parks, only on Netflix:


About Netflix:
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Our Great National Parks | Official Trailer | Netflix

From the executive producer of Blue Planet II comes OUR GREAT NATIONAL PARKS, a breathtaking five-part series executive produced and narrated by President Barack Obama – who protected more public lands and waters than any other U.S. President in history – that invites viewers to experience nature in the world’s most iconic national parks. Spanning five continents, the series brims with wonder, humor, and optimism as each episode tells the story of a national park through the lives of its wildest residents — both big and exceptionally small — and explores our changing relationship with wilderness. Traveling from the waters of Monterey Bay, California, to the bright red soil of Kenya’s Tsavo National Park, the lush rainforests of Indonesia’s Gunung Leuser National Park, the majestic terrain of Chilean Patagonia, and more, OUR GREAT NATIONAL PARKS beckons us to get out and explore, create new ways for these wild places to thrive, and vigorously preserve them for future generations to come. This series is a Wild Space production in association with Higher Ground Productions and Freeborne Media.

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  1. Ty Wheeler
    Ty Wheeler says:

    Too bad they support some of the worst labor practices in the world. Way to go Obama. Way to allow the worst labor rights violators to hold all of the contracts with a death hold on our country.

  2. Jason L
    Jason L says:

    This is the guy that weaponize the federal government and the IRS against his political opponents. Netflix shouldn't choose such partisan representatives. This man got a lot of cops killed in Dallas and spread hate and division.

  3. Saudi Smoker
    Saudi Smoker says:

    This film is presented by Barack Obama, and this film presents a picture that America is the protector of nature, and this is the biggest lie that Netflix has promoted. It is no wonder that the presenter is the biggest liar Barack Obama
    هذا الفيلم من تقديم باراك أوباما ، ويقدم هذا الفيلم صورة مفادها أن أمريكا هي حامية الطبيعة ، وهذه أكبر كذبة روجتها نتفليكس. فلا عجب أن يكون المذيع هو الكاذب الأكبر باراك أوباما

  4. The Clown Rodeo
    The Clown Rodeo says:

    I would absolutely love to see him narrate the absolute crap shoots that are black owned cities that are decaying around them and still refuse to put the blame on themselves which is who is to blame. Criminals running the streets, their mothers making excuses for them saying that they are good boys who were just trying to turn their lives around. No they aren't. And they are not victims when they get what's coming to them

  5. DanielBro
    DanielBro says:

    what is happaning with all the american politics in the fcking comments yo (im not american)
    why all of you hating on this guy? speaks pretty well he might be a president or smth one day

  6. Metro
    Metro says:

    Here is no water – August 2022 16 – 4 days to the Christian dream foundation.) and a senseless fireworks display costing billions of forints – Danube water level is only 60 cm in some places

    today it rained for 1 hour – it was a fantastic experience(. after 3 months of drought

  7. Metro
    Metro says:

    we often describe events and processes from the wrong side. No one on earth lives in isolation anymore, we are all part of an interaction… I hope Mare Pacificum will give in and the mean girl will give rain to the other side of the world… We Need Rain… We Need Water…


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