PREY All Clips & Trailer (2022) Predator 5

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The action takes place about 300 years in the past and is briefly about how the warrior Naru wants to protect her tribe, the Comanche people, from the alien creatures at all costs.

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Prey (2022) is the new action movie starring Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers and Dane DiLiegro.

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25 replies
  1. Miroslav Žikić
    Miroslav Žikić says:

    The most boring Predator yet.

    Instead of having a good storyline actually explaining something new about Predators, to keep us eagerly waiting for the next one – no, we just had, throughout the whole movie, to watch the most implausible story of emancipation of a woman that never existed in the history of humanity, the one with such a big hormonal disbalance, that she just HAD to prove to everyone calling her a woman (just for the sake of proving it, because an actual character arc would be way too hard for writing) that she's a bigger man than any man in her tribe – which is, of course, the most important thing in existence of any tribe (as history never taught us), and therefore for the movie as well. It clearly focuses just on that.

    The most irritating, one-dimensional character of a woman, without whose stupidity and hubris, no one from her tribe would actually have to die, because no one would die looking for her spoiled ass and Predator would quite easily just avoid her boring village of hunter-gatherers. But hey, as long as she feels like a true man, it doesn't matter that half of her tribe got killed for that. The writers imagining Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor deserve the Pulitzer compared to this. Those female characters actually had (a meaningful!) arc of evolving into a strong woman.

    This movie is just a slap in a face to anyone having a brain. The only positives are good cinematography and music – but with zero meaning in the story, it's just as good as any documentary out there.

    I hope Predator 6 never comes out, otherwise get prepared to watch the thrilling and heartbreaking story of a mid 19th century activist for women's right to vote shoved in the arrival of a group of bloodthirsty, skull collecting Predators. Because, why not!

    Can't wait to watch that!

  2. spartanmikek
    spartanmikek says:

    Lmao how ridiculous. So a team of modern special forces gets almost completely wiped out except for a 6'4" 240lbs of solid muscle man finally kills it. However a 5'4" 100lbs female takes it out because she is Indian. Next there will be a black female predators so Hollywood can do more woke grandstanding.

  3. Kelvis Mulenga
    Kelvis Mulenga says:

    Why is it that the fearful creature is always killed by even a simply man . the producers should seriously analyse were predators should be the remedy to the situation were the predators should come on earth solve the situation by combat and leave the earth in Harmon because predators and humans are similar related in thinking unlike aliens

  4. Faheem Javed
    Faheem Javed says:

    I am a big Fan of Predator Movie. The movie was much better in the beginning and middle. Disappointed with the end fight (Naru vs Predator). Wish they added some suspense and technical knockout to the end.

  5. ハーンズ
    ハーンズ says:


  6. Melis
    Melis says:

    Really good movie. Random but I’m trying to find the little girl at the end she’s not mentioned in the cast on google. She’s so pretty anyone know her name?

  7. J Fennell
    J Fennell says:

    This is the wokest predator film yet. Native American woman, up against a creature that can lift a grizzly bear, that is also slaughtering white men with guns. Come on… Really.


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