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  1. zalan konert
    zalan konert says:

    The film is good, with suspense and action… the only major problem is the dialogues in English (respectively the native Americans dialogue in English with each other – something even more bizarre, because they started the dialogue in Comanche, then continued in English ; – and the logic of the film producers is even more incomprehensible , because [bravo to they] the dialogues of the French colonists, they kept in original French). Since there were few dialogues, they could use the natives to speak the Comanche language throughout the film, it gains a lot in authenticity (see the positive example of Mel Gibson with "Apocalypto")

  2. Martin Beckley
    Martin Beckley says:

    From the initial trailers that I have watched, I think this could be the best Predator film since the Arnie original which to be fair would not be hard given the dross that are the other Predator offerings (the 2nd film was good though) I really like the idea of an earlier period in history with the Native American Indian narrative. If they decide to do a second film after this, they should take the Predator to ancient China and see how it would fair against a monastery of Shaolin warrior monks. I believe in order for this franchise to survive, it had to go back to basics and implant some new ideas

  3. Luzur
    Luzur says:

    I bet that at the end there will be a scene similar to the first movie where Indian woman fist fights predator and instead of being beaten like Arnie she will actually win. Cuz girl power and all.

  4. Bobby L
    Bobby L says:

    This movie is a complete "SNOOZE FEST".
    There is no plot or storyline.
    The movie starts off slow and stays slow throughout the entire movie.
    It is the "WORST" movie of the predator series.

  5. Sven
    Sven says:

    Fan boys are mad lol it was agreat movie ot sure why the fan boys hate it but then again the lead was a woman so that probably why fan boys hate it smh

  6. Russell
    Russell says:

    Let's hope they don't delete this comment, like they are with others that go against the narrative. I'm suppose to believe a tiny girl that takes blood slowing flowers to disguise herself from the predator heat seeking talents, can do what 50 well armed men, including her own brother & team could not do? And kill a predator. Let's not worry about the flowing blood problem, I mean it's not as if you could do parkor. But let's really be concerned about out running a fully grown bear "not happening" a bear that the predator lifts above its head and puts though the meat grinder. But a little girl, on blood slowing narcotics, that's was to difficult for the predator do deal with, even with the array of fancy gadgets. And don't forget this predator was invincible until it met this little girl, in the final battle. It wasted 40 men? In no time, slicing and dicing putting them though the meat grinder with ease. But a little girl. It is time to stop this woke nonsense, heroine movies are fine is small doses, but it seems to be every release these days.

  7. M
    M says:

    End scene is ridiculous. Anybody know the targeting system of a fighter jet ( the ground laser and the missile ). Can you imagine a soldier on the ground points the laser on the jet and the jet pilot is too stupid too recognize the fact that he's targeting himself. And even worse…. he fires the missile in to himself and does suicide. The most dumbest predator in in the history!

  8. James Shelnutt
    James Shelnutt says:

    I saw this film and it's entertaining but totally unrealistic – the girl would have died just as fast as her male companions but because she's a woman they wrote the script making her not only live but defeat the predator. What a joke. For another thing she had this hatchet with a rope tied to it so that she could throw it and retrieve it (Thor's hammer come to mind?) and that was totally unrealistic too – show me anyone who could make something like that that actually works on a consistent basis (not just once or twice out of 20 tries). The film is fun to watch but give me a break on the BS. Just too full of crap that could not happen.

  9. Jane Dawson
    Jane Dawson says:

    Oscar worthy film. Best of the franchise. I only wish they’d filmed it in native tongue with subtitles since there was so little dialogue anyway. Indians in 1710 should not sound like they just went shopping at the galleria. Also, would’ve been nice to know what the French guys were saying. Indians speaking American English and French dudes without subtitles. Not sure why they went that route.

  10. Leo Fedorov
    Leo Fedorov says:

    So bad…everything from Indian warriors conversing like suburban teens to a teenage girl slaying the intergalactic hunter in hand-to-hand combat no less, when she failed at taking down the mountain lion or the bear. Basically, just a bunch of feel-good utterly unrealistic (even by Sci-Fi standard) nonsense.

  11. Gameoverr34
    Gameoverr34 says:

    I have seen the previous predator movies,going back to the original one this one is 10/10 the story the effects and action that has been put on this it was joy to watch. If you are into predator movies this is must watch

  12. resolute addy
    resolute addy says:

    The movie is good but… tbh most people will have a problem with the protagonist character, not because it is a woman (teenager actually), but because the character has not been developed, i.e. it has no depth, so you just can't connect to it, you can describe the character basically as a "God gifted, naturally talented, effortlessly successful, snobbish know it all", who can spar with seasoned warrior characters without so much as a bruise, this is where most people will feel alienated from the character, I mean even someone like arnold from the original, was battered, bruised & just there by the end, but here the character without so much of a scratch manages to kill the predator, that just stared me in the face & killed the entire atmosphere the film had set.
    3/5 from me.✌

  13. Gray Filtered
    Gray Filtered says:

    These predator movies don't get promoted as much as they were back in the days ,but I guess its about taste ,downloading it right now ,been watching 'Predators' on repeat since it came out, couldn't believe they made another movie ,awesome

  14. john-carlos ynostroza
    john-carlos ynostroza says:

    Couldn't they have found a girl that is more athletic? Not saying that the lead girl needs to be all crazy athletic but this girl looks awkward and goofy doing absolutely everything and this is just a trailer… yikes

  15. Fonzie Bulldog
    Fonzie Bulldog says:

    Great Predator movie and storyline with a English and Apache language version. This alien hunter is more ugly than ever but not that well armoured like in earlier versions who probably doesnt matter when a giant with lazer beams to weapon and invisibility most probably makes havoc anywhere.


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