PREY Trailer (2022) Predator 5

Official Predator: Prey Movie Trailer 2022 | Subscribe ➤ | Amber Midthunder Movie Trailer | Disney+: 5 Aug 2022 | More
The action takes place about 300 years in the past and is briefly about how the warrior Naru wants to protect her tribe, the Comanche people, from the alien creatures at all costs.

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Prey (2022) is the new action movie starring Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers and Dane DiLiegro.

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23 replies
  1. Tony Yoda
    Tony Yoda says:

    This Predator is a distant cousin, it does not feel or look like the original Predator. Long hair, some bone like plate on his face, and fingers that look like swollen ballons. This Predator looks more like something from the mummy. Such a fuc** let down!!@ The models and make up from the 80s & 90s still king. CGI hasn't quite got it right yet.
    Great film great story line, great acting. Diabolical looking Predator!!!

  2. grzegorz77madej
    grzegorz77madej says:

    Najlepszy film predator od czasu 1 w zasadzie jest dużo trudniej zrobić cos dobrego w już raz pokazanym formacie ale w tej produkcji to sie udało. Ps. Piękne scenografie, ubiory, bardzo ciekawie pokazana społeczność białych ludzi oraz Indian w tamtych czasach.

  3. hachi
    hachi says:

    I understand that now days movies with woman protagonists are usually very cringe and politically motivated, and that was what 90% the comments expected it to be. But actually the movie was pretty decent, like her being a woman wasnt the main plot. The characters weren't plain stupid and had realistic conversations and actions. Honestly a good movie guys, don't be hating too soon. Watch it first!!

  4. Shohruh Urakoff
    Shohruh Urakoff says:

    Самый тупой хищник из всех хищников. Не удивительно что оно было побеждено девочкой подростком!? Кроме созерцании дикой природы ничего интересного.

  5. Richard
    Richard says:

    She looks so LA snobby and entitled. I have no problem with female leads like Ripley or the slasher queens. But this woke teenager taking on the predator? I’ve given up on movies. Take me back to the 80s please

  6. randy loots
    randy loots says:

    Yeah! That size of woman in that time set, against a high tech alien game hunter, will win with fuckin twigs and firestones.
    Her win will be some cringy feminist woke bullshit .

  7. Henry Knight
    Henry Knight says:

    The sad thing is that Predators always protect females, the Latin girl in first movie, the female cop and old lady in second movie, the girl in Alien vs Predator movie, also here in this movie predator saved her a lot of times, and she ended killing him!

  8. El rata alada
    El rata alada says:

    In original book Predator from first movie was one of the strongest of their race and Earth was his final exam for getting highest position in their hierarchy.

    After every hunt predators making analysis of their mistakes and comeback stronger.

    Which explains why predator from this movie suppose to be way weaker than Arnold's protagonist.


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