PROJECT GEMINI Trailer (2022)

Official Project Gemini Movie Trailer 2022 | Subscribe ➤ | Egor Koreshkov Movie Trailer | Release: 15 Mar 2022 | More
A sci-fi thriller about a space mission sent to terraform a distant planet. However, the mission encounters something unknown that has its own plan for the planet.

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Project Gemini (2022) is the new science fiction movie starring Egor Koreshkov, Alena Konstantinova and Katerina Shpitsa.

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26 replies
  1. Célio Vinicius Gatti
    Célio Vinicius Gatti says:

    Filme Russo? Nem pensar!! São Homofóbicos e assassinos!! Enquanto esse povo não se levantar contra o Putin para mim são iguais a ele! Sei que tem uma minoria que são contra essa maneira de ser do Russo Putin >> mas é uma minoria ainda, ou seja, a maioria concorda com o Assassino déspota que está no poder! Boicoto tudo que vem da Russia.

    Russian movie? No way!! They are homophobic and murderers!! As long as these people don't rise up against Putin for me, they are just like him! I know there is a minority who are against this Russian Putin way of being >> but still a minority, the majority agree with the Assassin despot in power! For some time I boycott everything that comes from Russia and with the war I will continue.

  2. Ohlsen Julian
    Ohlsen Julian says:

    I don't know what to say. The actors were acting like highschool kids.. the audio was horrible. But the worst was the story. So hard to move along with the story. It is a mixture of Alien, Spear and interstellar….conclusion.. Commies just don't know how to make aci-fi movies. Stick to WWII movies…

  3. Robert Kennedy
    Robert Kennedy says:

    Filme totalmente sem sentido, perdi 1:30h da minha vida. Até uma peneira ficaria com vergonha de tantos furos que essa bosta tem. Se preocuparam tanto com o visual, a estética (que tbm não é lá essas coisas, mas é bonito), que todo o resto foi cagado e cuspido! Aposto que o roteirista é uma criança de 8 anos que não tem a mínima capacidade de deixar um loop temporal minimamente coeso. Não percam seu tempo como eu perdi o meu. Amo filmes de ficção, mas tá cada vez mais difícil criarem algo decente… Projeto Adam que o diga, outro lixo.

  4. Michael Gadsden
    Michael Gadsden says:

    In all that is holy, do not waste your money or your time, as I did watching this piece of crap. It really is a dog pile of sh*t much like Russian cars. I spent £15 buying this video today and I feel ripped off…not by the store but by the crap I have just watched. People don't bother, cos you are missing nothing.

  5. Indy
    Indy says:

    This movie/script had huge potential, and it even has/had a half decent storyline, smh. It's just too bad that it didn't have a couple of competent actors to pull things together, and to hold the cast up to a higher level. Even just a competent director and producer would have gone a long way in improving the finished product (imo). This movie brings to mind that old adage about not blaming the tools for the quality of the end product…
    Guess it's still good enough for burning up an hour and half out of your life, if that's all you seek.

  6. Vince Alan
    Vince Alan says:

    I’ve never experienced dialogue this bad. How do they get decent effects funding, and fail the production so bad. I stopped it 20 minutes into it and started watching Alien. It’s like everyone involved in this project was afraid to speak up and tell the director or producer that it sucks. Did they think it would be a hit? Maybe slip by as a cheap, low budget film? If this is what American movies are becoming, then we no longer are the leader in movies…maybe pizza delivery will be our national success. I’m so embarrassed I went back to finish watching…but I feel like this is a bad trip and I’ll wake up and see a trailer for the next great sci-fi.

  7. Miguel Carneiro
    Miguel Carneiro says:

    why is there still flickering fluorescent lights used in these movies when we have LEDs and the like as tech now.. Thats an 80's – 90's effect because we didnt have the newer techs available .. I get it is used to enhance a mood BUT then you have to see how cool a malfunctioning LED looks like .. Fluorescent is dead man …


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