Q: Into the Storm: First Look (Official Clip) | HBO

“Everybody likes free speech, but there is a tipping point. When is free speech too much?”

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Q: Into the Storm | First Look (Official Clip) | HBO

44 replies
  1. JT G
    JT G says:

    LOL! All these so-called “patriots” have been listening to — and DUPED by — a grungy loser-type who looks likes he’s spent the past few years living in his parents’ basement! WOW. I rest my case.

  2. Karen Umland
    Karen Umland says:

    The hilarious irony that ALL that Q and Trump merchandise that made all that money off of these followers came from Chinese sweat shops, which all y’all decry as the enemy of American manufacturing…. it’s all just Machiavellian money-making manipulation.

  3. Maureen Wessling
    Maureen Wessling says:

    THE PEOPLE WHO ATTACKED THE CAPITOL ON JANUARY 6 WERE NOT PATRIOT S THEY WERE ANTI FA Posing as Trump supporters masquerading! Pretending to be Trumpers on purpose! We were Warned that it was an Ambush!!!

  4. Holger Mensch
    Holger Mensch says:

    All roads lead to rome. the roman catholic church has always wanted to make people believe that someone will save them. But people will only be able to save themselves if they learn from history.

  5. Sharnell_QueenofHearts
    Sharnell_QueenofHearts says:

    Uh… Q Anon existed before Trump ever thought of running for office. He gets credit for everyone that has a conspiracy theory? Some if them are fact, some of them are fantasy. Him being responsible for Q anon is fantasy. The Oklahoma City Bomber, Timothy McVey, talked about Q. Where did your research come from?

  6. Sophia
    Sophia says:

    To me this all seems like an easy way to highlight the negative and to get you to focus on anything but the real true aspects and evidence of what Q (not Qanon) is trying to help u uncover. All this dis an miss info in the world can’t hold back the truth


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