Raising Kanan | Season Preview | STARZ

The streets of South Jamaica are heating up! Here’s what’s coming up this season on #RaisingKanan.

#PowerNeverEnds #STARZ

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29 replies
  1. Mohamed Saliou
    Mohamed Saliou says:

    Everybody forgetting why Kanan really killed buck 20….because of that girl..he just justified it with his mum, same as he wanted to do to ghost and take over his Ish but justified it with what him and Tasha did…I can’t wait to see young ghost and Tasha…..I’m getting a Monet vibe off ol girl she’s boss but she’s not as soft as Monet…I feel like this woman has been round some real ones because this acting is astonishing

  2. ldariusd21
    ldariusd21 says:

    Raising Kanan sucks bruh out of nowhere Juicebox his cousin? Since when? That shit was never said.. Kanan said she cutthroat bitch he go way back with smh and kanan basically a mama's boy who shot a nigga cuz the girl he like fw her.

  3. Marney B
    Marney B says:

    Hello stars we was just asking if you could look if Y son a chance to be to audition for a movie please annoy a guy's problem right now get the comic session where it's worth a try

  4. Pooh Fisher
    Pooh Fisher says:

    The actors, all I can say My family and friends are back to StarZ. WOW !!! Nothing good and weekly series on this summer. We are…back! The characters are seriously killing the hell out of their roles. Like Mom, wanting better life for him, dummie sons don’t get it, can relate. Lord only know. If they make their mind up in bad environment want to be a hustler? Try everything, but he see hustling quick money too late. Mom played the hell out of her role. YEAH we love it’s a series, meaning like soap opera you look forward to what’s going to happen.


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