Regular Heroes Docuseries I Official Trailer I Prime Video

There are new heroes emerging every day. The first episode of Regular Heroes is now streaming with special guest, Alicia Keys.

About Regular Heroes:
The COVID pandemic has drastically changed our lives. Regular Heroes highlights the selfless acts of essential workers, who risk it all to keep their communities afloat. From grocery clerks to hospital workers and teachers, these individuals remind us there is still hope when we work together to make a difference. The series will include special guest appearances by Alicia Keys and more. If you or someone you know is making an extraordinary difference in their community please visit to apply.

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  1. Vickii C.R
    Vickii C.R says:

    I am watching this show right now , really just crying w/ every episode. I am a healthcare worker at a local hospital and work on the cardiac unit however since the pandemic we have turned into the official Covid-19 floor , the feeling stepping on the unit is a mix of emotions being a mom of 4 makes it a little more emotional for me because I have to be careful not to bring anything home to them , but I am surrounded by amazing people that are going through the same thing and we lean on each other emotionally. Our manager took a week vacation without pay so she wouldn’t have to cut any of us because of the low census and high cost of medication used in the ICU for patients in need or with Covid, doctors all took pay cuts however no one is complaining we are happy to have a job we love at this time. My heart goes out to people that lost their job and have families to feed . I find at this time that parents are heroes teaching our children things that we might have to google ourselves lol, I find these people at restaurants and coffee stops and these stores that stay open so that we can still get Necessities or just a coffee to us awake these people are heroes and I appreciate them !!! And this show and its production and all the people behind it they are heroes!!!


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