Rome Trailer (HBO)

Venture to ancient empires. When Julius Caesar returns to Rome, tensions between the haves and have-nots escalate into a conflict destined to change history.

Starring Kevin McKidd, Ray Stevenson and Polly Walker, both seasons of Rome are available to stream on HBO NOW.

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  1. Not Sure
    Not Sure says:

    I remember when Rome was the most praised and expensive show and then came Got. Kind of funny Ciarán Hinds played Julius Caesar here and Mance Rayder in Got.

    Too bad they fucked up Rome for season two.

  2. Emanuel H Polanco
    Emanuel H Polanco says:

    This was the only show that I ever taken seriously and watched it religiously. Every betreyal, every confrontation was so vivid and compelling, is a rarity to find such a TV show now days, but Rome is and will always be my favorite TV show

  3. eXcommunicate1979
    eXcommunicate1979 says:

    HBO: reboot this show for a 5 season run. Bring back some of the same actors (perhaps for different parts, even) with some new blood and remake it and carry out a 5 season arc.

  4. nobodyaskedbut
    nobodyaskedbut says:

    The western world has been obsessed with the Roman Empire which was initiated by Caesar for 2000 years. Different countries (England, Spain, France, Germany and now USA) have taken turns trying to duplicate it. Caesar's ideas and concepts which were continued by Octavian are the basis of modern ruling of masses to this day. Caesar was the 1st mass population leader to add corporatism to the combination of military power, politics, religion and royalty. He was such a powerful threat to the largest group of ruling men the world has ever known that the only way to deal with him was for that group to overwhelm him together. They knew they couldn't beat him any other way and each was too terrified of or in total awe of him to do it alone. He thought he was a god and I think many of them believed it too. These were not highly sophisticated people. They were driven by superstition and there were no atheists at that time. This was a great series and it's too bad it was discontinued because it is based on real world events and not a figment of someone's imagination.

  5. sLeeK
    sLeeK says:

    Well I just finished this well crafted show for the first time and I am really impressed with it. It has all of hbos high points intricately woven into something great that could have lasted a lot longer.


  6. Strongman Ed™
    Strongman Ed™ says:

    Great and great interpretations of Ray Steveson & some other actors. Terrible interpretation of the actor playing Julio Caesar (patetic) and the one playing Octavian who became Augustus later and the first Emperor of Rome (a parody). Too bad they made it like a soap. Great realistic view of life in Rome that time, where most of the people were poor, lived in slums and the streets were filthy and crime was super higher (many organized gangs). Rome was a society with very few rich and all the rest miserables. Best production on Rome showing the reality of the place that time and not romanticizing it like the Hollywood garbage productions. Now, the historical innaccuracies are clear, but the writers did it to make it more interesting. The major characters (the two soldiers from Gaul – in reality blonde blue eyed Celts who were romanicized by the dark haired brown eyed Romans and they were cited in the writings of Julio Caesar) was a great add to the serie. Great sound track! Closing I am a Doctor in Geography but did my minor in European History (Roman Civilization & Middle Ages).


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