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Presented by Studio Ghibli. The daughter of a professional robber, Ronja realizes the complicated nature of her father’s profession when she befriends Birk, the child of a rival tribe. She struggles to balance this friendship with her family relationship but comes to understand, how differences can be overcome with the help of love and understanding.

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About Ronja, The Robber’s Daughter:
The epic 26-part story of a ten-year-old girl born on a stormy night in a mountain fort, surrounded by her parents and a loving band of robbers. She grows to be a strong and active girl, and discovers that the forest is both a beautiful and frightening place inhabited by strange creatures. She befriends the son of her father’s rival and so begins the drama of her friendship and family loyalties. We watch as she explores and understands these key factors in her life, and discovers that seemingly irresolvable choices can finally be made with the help of love and understanding.

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Ronja, The Robber’s Daughter – Official Trailer | Prime Video

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30 replies
  1. Veronica A.
    Veronica A. says:

    This show…I have seen it…I expected a lot more from Studio Ghibli, but this show has a bad story line. Fell free do disagree, but it's true. (compared to the other works from Studio Ghibli).

  2. Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person says:

    I can't believe how negative some of you are about this. So what if it's not traditionally animated? It’s still a gorgeous series, everything and everyone looks beautiful the voice actors are perfect and the characters are terrific!

  3. djhero0071
    djhero0071 says:

    For those that say the CGI looks terrible (to which I am one of them), Goro Miyazaki directed this, not Hayao. I'll still give it a chance though if I ever get a Prime account

  4. Emelarie V
    Emelarie V says:

    Omgg the story of this show is so beautiful and mature and complex! I really grew to love both the look and the characters as it progressed! I just finished watching it and I am astounded, would recommend it to anyone with a love for adventure and love itself!

  5. Natasha Tarasova
    Natasha Tarasova says:

    I am actually surprised people don't like this animation. It has its particular simplified style, specific to most Japanese cartoons. We love it!!! Not everything should be the same. Great work – beautiful music, well-designed characters, humor and kindness, not to mention that it's based on our beloved Astrid Lindgren.

  6. THE Berrby
    THE Berrby says:

    Started watching this earlier today, and I'm really enjoying it, nearly everything about it so far!

    Also I was like "So this is what Mr. Hayao Miyazaki's art style looks like in CG?… Cool.."

  7. JNGarrettArt
    JNGarrettArt says:

    I found I really got used to the differences in the animation from the usual Ghibli look as the show went along, and the story is simply PRECIOUS! From a sheer technical standpoint, could the character movement be improved? Probably, BUT it also really, really, REALLY wasn’t a deal breaker on whether I could enjoy this piece of art, and honestly, I hope I can produce comic work someday that is as endearing as this tv show. There’s so much about this series that is charming and beautiful – the world that’s created through characters and setting, the amount of heart in the story, the music style, and the fantastic sense of humor. This is a gently paced story, and that’s a part of its charm – it takes its time unfolding, all while we get to know Ronja, along with her sometimes outrageous band of robbers, and her beautiful forest with all its creatures. I just hope I can own a copy of this someday, whether on disc or digital.

  8. tommy turtle
    tommy turtle says:

    firstly, this is a really good show. I managed to binge watch it in two days, i probably could've done it in one if i had started earlier. Secondly, i really REALLY want to know what accent they have. I can't seem to pinpoint it since I'm not very good with accents to start with. Specifically Birk, his accent sounds wonderful but i wish i knew what it was. So if anyone could tell me, that would be wonderful!

  9. Compass
    Compass says:

    This is based of the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren's book. So if you're interested there is a book, altho keep in mind, she was a children's author.


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