Rotten | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Local farming is fading as profit margins decide what food makes it to our plates. The new Netflix documentary series Rotten exposes the fraud, corruption, and the consequences on our health of today’s global food industry. Nobody’s hands are clean. Now Streaming on Netflix.

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Rotten | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

34 replies
  1. Michael Skelton
    Michael Skelton says:

    I've been to a Chinese restaurant in the past, I realised they couldn't speak English after telling them I had a nut allergy, I got the impression from their broken English that they thought I was asking for nuts and I tried to get the point across but they didn't seem to understand what I was asking for and eventually we just went somewhere else. It probably seemed really rude but I really didn't want to risk saying "nuts" to somebody across a language barrier.

  2. Apocalypse Wow!
    Apocalypse Wow! says:

    I'm going to write it here because i thought i knew that narrator's voice, and it turns out i did: it's Latif Nasser, who also is featured in the series "Connected" on netlfix.

  3. my penis has feelings
    my penis has feelings says:

    On the avocado wars episode a guy was forced to shut down a few acres of avocado field because of the drought and he has the AUDACITY to cry and say its not the same farm i used to run and play… well the same thing goes for the fishes and other animals who lives off the river where you took water to grow your fuckin avocados sir. Seriously i hope for people like that guy, reincarnation isnt an option for them for i will give away 20 yrs of my lifeforce just to see that guy reincarnated into an animal just to see their home get destroyed by humans for the sake of profit.

  4. Joshua lavonOBeyer
    Joshua lavonOBeyer says:

    ThAts it! I had ittttttttttt!

    File law suits. Against the food industry
    You guys have too. For crimes against humanity

    That’s it! Im going public on this matter.

    If they want to buy me out. I’ll take 30,000

  5. Jag Girl
    Jag Girl says:

    Spring water should only be able to be taken from the springs, where it is bubbling out of the earth naturally. Not taken from under the ground, miles before the springs outlets.
    I bet those countries, such as Poland etc are kicking themselves now. For selling their natural springs to these large overseas companies.
    All they saw were the large lump sum they were offered. When in fact they should have built a factory to bottle and utilise the water themselves. In the long run, they'd have made soo much more. Creating jobs. Including drivers to transport the water, factories to make the bottles and a plant to bottle the water. Soo many of the unemployed would still be working today. The country's economy would be in a better place today.
    But those lump would have looked pretty attractive at the time I'm sure..

  6. Fiza.
    Fiza. says:

    What i got out of this: all industries need to stop overproducing and farmers need to not only be treated and paid better, but the local standard again. It also shows that with every extreme diet there is a downside. Anyone who is vegan might be supporting an industry that is depleting the world water resources, because mass producing fruits and vegetables is hurting us (and the nutrition in the soil is depleting as a result, making the nutrition of the produce essentially empty. Anyone who is carnivore is basically supporting an industry of over fishing or a guy getting paid 36 cents to raise a chicken. It is all so messed up.

  7. Amanda Hanson
    Amanda Hanson says:

    A lot of people don’t really consider where they’re going to spend eternity, or what eternity is. And if you are not saved, we know that we’re on our way to hell. 1000 years and eternity will not be over, ten thousand years and it will not be over. It’s forever. The good news? Jesus Christ came and died for our sins, knowing everything we’ve ever done and are going to do. He has mercy on us. If you woke up today and you have breath in your lungs, that is Gods mercy. Despite your sin, that

    offends a Holy and righteous God, you woke up today

    This world will never fulfill you, only one thing can do that, and thats God.

    We will always be trying to fill that void unless we go to our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

    He’s the mender of our hearts.

    Psalms 147:3
    “He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds”

    That void each and every one of us has tried to fill time and time again is a God sized one, each and every single one of us is made for a relationship with God.

    He knew us before He knitted us together in our mother’s wombs

    Just put your faith in Him. That makes you a child of God. Have faith in God and trust what the Bible says and follow Him.

    Why? Because faith should produce obedience

    Decide to live for Him before it’s too late. Because Jesus is coming back so soon for His people and immediately after that destruction follows

    God bless you


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