Season 2 Trailer: Small Town Security

“Take some of that makeup offa yo eyes!” Small Town Security returns with new Episodes, May 9 at 10/9c. For more on Small Town Security:

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24 replies
  1. Scott McKay
    Scott McKay says:

    Anybody who doesn't get this show is an IDIOT!!! Simply the best/creepiest show on television. I've been waiting for it's return and am so excited to see the season premier tomorrow.

  2. 91lilken
    91lilken says:

    they have though.amc may not have announced it yet but i dont see any way they can bring this trash back when in its second season its highest viewers for one episode was 230k .they cant get people to watch it unless the keep a breaking bad preview hidden half way through the show.

  3. Pandora Xavion Dahmer
    Pandora Xavion Dahmer says:

    I really liked the show… I can't tell you why, but I just really enjoyed it. Of course being in a small town like that, the locals will backlash and be bullies. Most small towns are like that, unfortunatly… I think they are a great group of unique people with fantastic stories & fantastic everyday lives. They run a great busness with amazingly loyal employees, especially Dennis. I just love them all. They're just so different from most of the people I've ever seen on TV, in a good way. I really wished AMC would've kept them going, along with Freakshow… They were both better than any of the other reality things on TV, it's actually reality… Just simply amazing…. 10/10.


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