Secret Empire: Hydra Nation Trailer

It’s Heroes vs Hydra! Presenting the SECRET EMPIRE: HYDRA NATION Trailer! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

Trust has been broken. Alliances have been shattered. Now, with the future of the world at stake, the heroes of the Marvel Universe are gearing up for their biggest fight yet.

With Captain America now an agent of Hydra, our heroes are at odds. Intent on taking out her friend, Black Widow leads a new Red Room, while members of Hawkeye’s resistance group searches for a way to restore the universe – but our heroes aren’t the only one after this cosmic power!

Will Hydra succeed in finding fragments of the cosmic cube before the Avengers do? Can the world be saved before even more heroes are claimed by Hydra’s grasp? Catch all the betrayal, action, and excitement in SECRET EMPIRE. Available now in comic stores everywhere, Marvel is pleased to present a special trailer devoted to the groundbreaking first three issues of this exciting series!

SECRET EMPIRE #4 is available in comic shops on June 14.

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30 replies
  1. Slightly Better Than Average Joe
    Slightly Better Than Average Joe says:

    Y'all have destroyed the Marvel Hero's with your stupid SJW bullcrap. I refuse to buy them, and your spread-over-every-crappy-comic events are as pathetic as your constant reboots. I have spent my money buying old comics to fill in some holes. My kids only read the old ones, don't want the new ones. You are such fail, it makes my angry hurt.

  2. bill
    bill says:

    i thought that after all they made so that cap had always been evil but the cube made him good and then kobik got the evil cap back, isn't it so?

  3. kurumais
    kurumais says:

    kind of late isnt it? secret empire is up to issue 4 already. red skull is really evil but i find bullseye really disgustingly evil. no life matters to him. he will just kill as the spirit takes him. i was so glad when american eagle beat the living you know what out of him. he is just really foul.

  4. Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers says:

    Hey Marvel, I have some intriguing ideas for future storylines that are just as great as Secret Empire. Could you develop these plots in the future?

    1) Secret Confederacy: The Black Panther becomes the secret Grand Imperial Wizard of the KKK. Behind the scenes, T'Challa begins organizing lynchings, cross-burnings, whippings, discrimination, Jim Crow, and secretly has a plan to reinstate slavery of all African-Americans in the U.S. The South will rise again!! That'd be a GREAT, edgy storyline!!

    2) Secret Jihadi: Kamala Khan becomes the new worldwide leader of ISIS. Behind the scenes, she'll be plotting bombings & mass killings of innocent citizens the world over. She'll also personally betray & behead some heroes. Something like this ought to sell like hotcakes!! A GREAT new take on her character!

    Surely the people okay with making Cap a Nazi should have no objections to these similar storylines.


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