Secret Empire UNITED WE STAND Trailer

It’s been building for months, across a bevy of titles! It’s time to stand together against Hydra and the forces of evil, but how can the heroes of the Marvel Universe cope with this shattering betrayal by the most trusted figure among them? And what will this mean for the world?

It’s the story that has shocked the world. Captain America is an Agent of Hydra?! Now – superstar creators Nick Spencer, Daniel Acuna, Steve McNiven, Andrea Sorrentino, Rod Reis, Leinil Yu, and more, bring you the most ground shaking Marvel saga ever – SECRET EMPIRE! Available now in comic stores everywhere, Marvel is pleased to present a special trailer devoted to the devastating first arc of this blockbuster series!

As Hydra’s tentacles tighten around the world, Steve Rogers’ seemingly foolproof plan for global domination begins. Can the heroes of the Marvel Universe find the cracks within the foundation of Hydra’s control or will they ultimately succumb to the power of one of their most trusted allies?

SECRET EMPIRE #0 and SECRET EMPIRE #1 are both available digitally through the Marvel Digital Comic Shop and at all local comic book retailers. To find a comic shop near you, visit

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29 replies
  1. Dreadpirate404
    Dreadpirate404 says:

    I'm brand-spanking-new to the marvel comics- I've read Invincible Iron Man, Civil War II, Steve Rogers, and now Secret Empire… Gotta say, the Captain America stuff has been SO interesting and intriguing. Loving where it's going!

  2. MrTrekfan Pritchett
    MrTrekfan Pritchett says:

    Okay, I really hate what they did with Cap. I get why they did it and I heard all the rumors that this was to egg on the people that didn't like Sam Wilson as Cap. Personally, I liked Sam as Cap, my only complaint was, they've done stories like this before and eventually, Steve would become Cap again anyway. Same thing here. Something will happen to the cube, and Steven will remember that he's not a Hydra agent and that the Skull has been controlling him. After that they will either erase the whole story or they will go through a period of Steve trying to regain the Avengers trust, which he will. Hell, Cyclops killed Charles and eventually no one cared!

  3. Nando Ginkaku
    Nando Ginkaku says:

    marvel, will we get at least charles xavier back in marvel legacy this fall? asking for earth 616 wolverine and cyclops is a lot to ask for. i know that, but yeah. at least bring charles back.
    sincerely, a 20 year x-men fan. Thanks for reading btw!
    P.S. keep emma evil. i like the tone she has now. (wink wink to the reference in astonishing x-men of the comment she made of cyclops)

  4. Default Hero
    Default Hero says:

    And they wonder why more and more people are reading DC instead of shit like this.
    That's not to say that DC doesn't have shitty crossovers (Convergence was terrible) but at least they don't shove Crossover events and SJW PC bullshit down my throat every other month.

  5. Swampy24945
    Swampy24945 says:

    Don't rush so many events! It's one thing right after another, can't you just give characters some down time for a few years and then have another event? Plus, too many crossovers just becomes tiring, especially when you have to read like 20 different issues at a time to get the whole goddamn story.

  6. Women 4 Trump
    Women 4 Trump says:

    This is really just an excuse to turn a Conserative hero into a Nazi, but since it seems to be triggering the Libtards I am actually OK with it. I stopped reading comics many years ago because they were SJW trash, so this doesn't surprise me. Your sales will plummet and you will realize the real comic nerds don't like pro Black Lives Matter, pro Feminist, pro LGBT, and pro Islam shit. We never cared about gender or race and we just liked our legacy characters.

  7. No Chill Bill
    No Chill Bill says:

    guys in all honesty the event is pretty incredible, it's a great story it's just the fact that Captain America is (temporarily) Hydra that is throwing y'all off

  8. Matthew Jacobsen
    Matthew Jacobsen says:

    It's actually frustrating listening to music that's nearly identical to the Iron Man soundtrack (and clearly meant to be that way) without it actually being the Iron Man soundtrack.

  9. george22477
    george22477 says:

    I just want Good story telling with my OG heros from earth 616 , and I'll for ever buy comics

    Maybe even some story's with (parental advisor) on it perhaps on a Avenger story lol
    the story's just aint the same or maybe I'm jst growing up…

  10. Rick Taylor
    Rick Taylor says:

    I've had it with Marvel after all these years.  I don't see how they can bring Cap back from killing people.  They should have brought him back as Nomad to protest our supposed leaders now.


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